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A Brief Explanation Of The Working Process Of The Target Clone

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A Brief Explanation Of The Working Process Of The Target Clone

Developing an eCommerce platform or siding with one, every today’s business is looking for either one. Technology and the internet have revolutionized the physical ways of doing limited business. The modern solution offered a far better business option and an unprecedented reach. The development of a Target Clone aligns with the same ideologies and expectations. So, keeping our hopes up, let us dive into the working process of an eCommerce clone platform. 

Step 1: Log In

Most eCommerce or other similar app platforms usually has a security log-in feature. Through this log-in princess, the user becomes part of the web or app community and also helps them keep their account secure. Email i.d, phone numbers, or social media credentials are normally used for logging in accompanied by a unique password. 

Step 2: Product Search

After they have logged into their accounts, the user can search for products on the Target Clone. There is a search bar where the user can type the product’s name or seller to locate the product they want to buy. The platform could also have a voice search feature, in which case, the user has only to turn the microphone and say what they want clearly. 

Step 3: Add To Cart

Once the user comes across a product they are determined to purchase, they can instantly add it to the cart. In addition, the cart will display extra info about the delivery, price breakdown, and similar things that the user will find useful. 

Step 4: Checkout & Payment

There will be a checkout option at the bottom end of the cart. Usually, the user goes through the cart info, and only after that do they proceed to checkout. This action will automatically lead the user to the payment page. The user can choose from one of the payment methods allowed on the Target Clone

Step 5: Order Tracking

Once the order has been placed and the seller confirms it, the user will immediately be informed of this development. From this point onwards, the user is informed at every step of the process. As the package is out for delivery, the user may also be allowed to track the delivery person in real-time while they are on their way. 

Step 6: Delivery

The Target Clone assigns a delivery person from the fleet located near the supplier. The delivery executive will pick up the product from the supplier and deliver it to the said address. 

Step 7: Rating & Review

As the customer receives the product, they will be asked to rate and review the product and services acquired from the platform. This rating and reviews will be publicly posted on the platform for other customers to know better. 

Highlighted Features On A Target Clone

Highlighted Features On A Target Clone
Highlighted Features On A Target Clone

The working process of the app is only put to use with the help of the features that are added to the Target Clone. Various features can be integrated onto the platform with some significance or relevance to the people using it or the business. Each feature is hand-picked by the app developer and added for some reason. Let us see what features can be placed on an eCommerce application and its functionality. 

Fast Registration

Initially, the user is required to register as mentioned under the workflow of the app platform. Usually, this process is very quick, only requiring the users to link their phones, emails, or social media accounts, which the admin will instantly verify through an OTP or other similar option. 

Home Page

After registering, they are taken straight to the home page of the Target Clone. The home page will contain everything that the app has. Everything can be found on the home page, from the visual content to actual products and advertisements. 

Search Bar

The basic purpose of a search bar is to conduct searches. First, people type the name of the item they are looking for, then the search algorithm of the app will automatically pull out all the options available over the platform. Recently, voice searches have become quite famous and are often considered useful in certain situations. 

Browsing Catalog

Like the search bar, the home page of the Target Clone also has a catalog where all the items are listed. The user can go through the category and manually find the type of item they are looking for. The home page may also contain recommendations and special mentions, from where the user can also look for different items to purchase. 


When the user has found something interesting enough but does not intend to purchase the item right away, they can save it under their wishlist. The wishlist can contain items upto a certain limit and a certain time. 


On the other hand, the cart stores only the items that the user intends to purchase almost instantly. In that case, the user has gone through the initial hurdle of checking the product info. After they have decided the item is worth paying some pennies for, they will be required to add that product to their cart. This cart will store all the products with delivery information and a breakdown of the total price. 

Instant Checkout

When the user has taken the time to check the cart and approve of all the info displayed there, they can proceed to checkout. As soon as they click on the checkout button, they are instantly transported to the payment page of the Target Clone. The payment process will contain a few options from which the user can choose. They will have to pay according to the choice they have made. For inline transactions, they will be required to enter their bank account credentials to process the transaction. 

Store Locator

After the user has placed their order, they can locate the store where their product is supposed to be stationed. This is especially important if the user needs to pick the product up by themselves if there is an issue with the delivery process. 

Live Order Tracking

The user is immediately notified of this development as soon as the order gets placed. The user gets updates about the packaging and shipment until the delivery from here on. Then, as the delivery person picks up the package and heads on for their destination, the customer can go on to track their progress and may even be allowed to lead them on to a better route. 

View Orders

The user of the Target Clone can view their orders after they have used the platform at least a few times. The order list contains everything the user has ever purchased from day one of their arrivals. The order list is chronologically uploaded and archived on the app server. 

Store Pick-Up

As mentioned earlier, the user may often have to pick the product up straight from the store. However, the user can choose to pick the product up from the store under this feature. In that case, the user is notified as soon as the store receives the product or if it currently has the item in possession so they can set up a schedule for pick up. 

In-App Chatting

For an eCommerce platform like Target Clone to work, equally establishing proper communication between all parties is detrimental. Therefore, in-app chatting has been thought to be one of the most popular communication to include on an application. This feature allows the user, seller, and even the delivery person to communicate with one another in real-time and discuss different things relevant to their purpose. 

Multi-Payment System

The platform needs a multi-payment system that will allow its users to have options during payment. From the checkout option, they are directed straight to the payment system to choose one of the options. 

Account Settings

As soon as the user registers to the app, they are instantly provided with an account. This account contains all the info provided by the user while completing their profile. They can change some of the info under the account settings section. 

Modern Technologies For Target Clone Development

Modern Technologies For Target Clone Development
Modern Technologies For Target Clone Development

The stakes are quite high as you are developing the Target Clone in 2022. Different technologies have come out in the past decade alone that have changed app development and the usage and growth of app usage among the mass audience. There are a few modern technologies that have changed the digital scene completely. 


Firstly, blockchain technology has been in the talks for all the right reasons. This technology has often been linked with cryptocurrencies. However, crypto has achieved this fame due to blockchain technology. This technology stores transactional data into blocks in chronological order, which cannot be tampered with. 


Another such tech milestone has been the development of AI technology. Artificial Intelligence is the future of digital communication and even marketing. This technology helps automate some parts of the Target Clone app functionality while also analyzing the user behavior to deliver marketing insight and communicate with users in the absence of a human agent. 


Internet of Things or IoT is another popular technology of the time. This technology is all about transforming everyday items into modern internet-friendly products. IoT will help the user switch between devices without any problem. 


Target Clone
Target Clone

While developing a Target Clone, you will also need to work on a revenue model that will help you make some profit at the forefront. Apart from this, the app has to be user-friendly, have an interactive UI design, and exceptional security to offer safety to all user data. 

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