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Car Dealer Website Development

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Car Dealer Website Development

The online market has every solution for personal to commercial demands. From home appliances to IT supplies and even automobiles everything is available on the web for business purposes. Gone are the days when people used to actually use to visit marketplaces to shop for different products and items. It is all being done online.

Similarly, car dealers are settling for website development to create an online presence. Reports say that people searching for car dealers online have increased drastically. This became even more prominent during the COVID-19 pandemic, as buyers were forced to purchase and order items from their safe houses and avoid the public market.

Online purchases of automobiles are also expected to increase over 100% in the following couple of years. As the digital market keeps growing the demand for online purchases of automobiles is only going to increase. This is why car dealer website development has been prioritized in past few years.

How Does It Work?

Car Dealer Website

The sudden emphasis on online car dealership website development aligns with the increase in the overall online shopping sprees of the masses. Nowadays people would rather book a car from the comfort of their home than actually visit a dealership in person. People also go to the web for basic searches, study, and learn from expert reviews and suggestions before investing in long-serving items such as cars.

The website contains all the details and specifications of a product. This provides the time for the customer to make an in-depth enquire of chosen products and compare items on their own. Experts on blogs, YouTube, and other media platforms, specify these stances to make an argument about the best cars under a certain category.

The customer searches through the list of products or often uses filters to put specific criteria for the search. Some websites may have comparison features from the same brand or tie-up companies. An online car dealership website design would be very professional and vivid, providing information and facts through digital footprints such as images, videos, etc.

Car buyers can visit the website from their chosen device and search through a catalog of cars. Make an inquiry about any car that suits their requirements and also book through the website and also pay for it. The hassle of physically visiting the nearest dealership is completely removed. It also saves the time of the customer to walk around the dealership looking at different cars and making a decision then and there.

Functions Of A Car Dealer Website

Functions Of A Car Dealer Website

A car dealer website has different functions that need to be decided on during the time of development. These functions should be laid down in a user-friendly manner so that every individual can easily access each of the features. They must certainly understand the function of the feature in question as well. The basic functions of a car dealer website are discussed below.

  • The website should be easily found and accessed by all. The domain should be easy enough for people to search for and even remember. It should also have friendly features so people can use them without any complications.
  • The design of the website should be more responsive toward the audience prompting them to make a move.
  • Content featured on the website should be relevant to the crowd. It must provide essential facts and figures about each product in detail for the customer to make a choice or leave a remark.
  • The information provided on the website should be double-checked before being put out online. Images, articles, videos, and other modes of quality facts about each of the product, is considered essential for car dealer website development.
  • Any website today, in order to make an online presence has to think about SEO practices. SEO practices allow the website to get noticed by popular search engines. Friendly SEO practices make the website have a better ranking and a better chance at being recognized by a larger audience.
  • Online commercial business platforms offer swift and smooth payment gateway for easy and secure transactions. A car dealer website is no exception and must feature a user-friendly payment gateway for its customers.
  • When customers are paying a lump sum amount for purchasing an item, it is only expected for the company to customer care services in case of any inconvenience. This is also true for car dealer website development.
  • Apart from direct contact with the customer care executive, there should also be review and feedback options. With a responsive design, it is only fitting to provide panels that support responses from the users.

These were the most popular and notable functions of a website for car dealerships. However, there can be other functions and features included in the system just to make the website seem interesting and attractive to the visitors.

Car Dealer Website Development – Important Features To Consider

Online car dealership website

Like any other website, there are certain features that must be included, especially for car dealer website development. There are a few common features that can be found on any car dealership website.

You can also additionally integrate a few advanced features that make the website more user-friendly and make every page easily accessible. Here are a few features that need to be considered while developing a website for your car dealership.

User Access

It is important to remember at the time of website development that the site will be accessed by different people. By different people, we do not only mean the visitors and customers but also the admin, dealers, and their sales team. Hence, each user should be provided with separate access.

The multiple user access feature is important for commercial websites. The user access for visitors and customers should be strictly sales-related while admins, dealers, and other company members’ access will allow them to view the overall business standings and business-related information.

Filtered Search

Filtered search has become one of the crucial aspects of any commercial business website or application. This feature allows the customer to scan for specific items through the list of products available on the website by inserting a criterion for the search. The criteria can range from a number of things such as a price bracket, car design, special features or offers, etc.

Notifications & Favorites

When a user generally registers on a website, they become exposed to the personal notifications of the website. This could include, special offers on searched products or any product in general, or notification regarding purchase or sale, depending on the user. The customer or general user may also have a wishlist or favorite feature that will allow the user to save cars that they have liked and wishes to purchase later sometime.

Gallery Images

A car dealer website will present several contents, linking or relating to cars and the whole automobile sector. Mostly this type of website does not have put much emphasis on article and blog content but focuses more o the visual aspect, such as images and videos in the gallery. This type of content provides facts and actual verification of the cars made by the company.

Comparing Products

The comparison feature has turned out to be essential in online shopping. In this case, it allows the customer to compare two or more cars based on their specifications. This process helps a user easily decide for themselves which car model would definitely meet his or her requirements. The user may also contact the dealership for inquiry making them a potential lead for the business.

Smart Inquiry Form

The smart inquiry form is allotted to interested individuals that have made an official inquiry. This inquiry can be asking about a car, its availability, price, and specifications, about the dealership, or simply providing feedback. This is basically made from the perspective of the business and prompts leads to take a step in the direction of purchasing a car.

AI Chatbots

Cementing the positions of the leads, you can also include AI chatbots to understand customer temperament and then strike for a deal. AI is a recent development in the technological field and has been so far so successful that it has been integrated into several platforms for acquiring better results. AI chatbots can be integrated into the system to provide 24*7 responses to the website visitors and prove the integrity o the company.

Multi-Platform Design

A responsive web design will simply become useless if the website cannot be supported on multiple platforms and devices. There has been a rising trend where people are seen to be using multiple devices to access similar platforms. This is why most web platforms are designed in a way that they can be accessed from any device such whether it is android or iOS or windows for that matter. This is instrumental for car dealer website development as well.

Payment Gateway

Any e-Commerce website must have a seamless option for monetary transactions. Car dealer websites are no different. A payment gateway that can be easily accessed by the user, offering safe and secure transactions is highly applauded in the era of high data theft concerns.

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization or SEO has been important tools for making a website stand out from the rest of the web crowd. Keyword placements, backlinking, backend work, and a few other practices make a website noticeable to popular search engines. The ranking on these search engines is what decides the fate and viability of each of the websites.

Home Page

The home page or the landing page of a website is the most crucial thing to put your attention to. Every visitor will first be brought on to the home page and from there on they can visit any other web page they wish to. A car dealer website design of the home page must align with the entire content featured on the website.

AMP Support

You will have to consider the fact that there are more mobile users compared to other devices, and most of the visitors on your website must be from mobile searches. This is why frameworks such as Accelerated Mobile Pages or AMPs provide the best user experience. This includes fast page loading and a lesser bounce rate allowing the webpage to be eligible for the SEO rankings.

FAQ Section

You can also include a FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) section. This will feature all popular web searched questions relating to car dealings and also have the answers. This section allows the audience to know more about different products and may also find answers to any question they have on their mind.

Important Aspects To Consider Before Developing A Car Dealer Website

Developing A Car Dealer Website

Developing a car dealer website takes a lot of work and consideration of different factors. The following factors are crucial for car dealer website development and need to be seriously taken into considerations.

Admin Panel

The admin panel is the most important part of any website development. The admin is the person who has access to the website for monitoring to change the entire marketplace on the dashboard of the website.

Special Feature Integration

The website will have different features that are designed in a way to provide a user-friendly experience. You will have to decide what features you wish to include that will not only look cool but also be helpful to the general user.

UI/UX Design

The UI/UX design is highly important for any website development today. This is the part that decides how the website will be viewed on multiple platforms. You will have to go for a UI/UX Car Dealer Website Developer that focuses on the platforms that your audiences mostly use.

Content Quality

Though there is not much to put out as for the content on a car dealer website. But there are some facts and information that can be provided as content that is relevant to the entire dealing of the website.

Website Development Cost

Last but not the least, you will have to consider the cost of website development before investing in any of it. From hiring Car Dealer Website Developers to integrating different features, everything has a price. You have to be really wise and intuitive while settling on the cost of developing a car dealing website.


Car Dealer Website Developers

For a car dealer website development you need to follow certain things. This article was all about the factors, features, and functions that need some clarification before investing in the whole matter. Website development requires much dedication and involvement in the matter. Remember is only the instrument for acquiring online business when it is used rightly.

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