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E-Commerce App Development: The Workflow

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E-Commerce App Development: The Workflow

An E-Commerce App Development is almost the need of the hour as most brands and companies shift towards the digital scene. Today, the need for an eCommerce platform connecting buyers and sellers globally through online means is appreciated. 

This has broadened the awareness and demand for E-Commerce App Development worldwide. However, a few basics of app development need to be kept in mind. The workflow is the base upon which the entire platform stands. We will start with the work and see features that can be fitted onto the app. 

Step 1: Log In

The user must log in every time they wish to use the platform for personal gain. Usually, they use their social media or emails to log in. 

Step 2: Search For Product

After the user has successfully entered the platform, they can surf through it and look for items that pique their interests. Then, they can type the name of the product, or the brand or seller, or maybe even use voice search. 

Step 3: Product Selection & Cart

During E-Commerce App Development, you could also include a category or a list where the products will be stacked in an organised way. Users can choose from there or by searching and then selecting the product to learn in detail about the product. Once they have decided on a product for a purchasing, they can simply add it to the cart. 

Step 4: Order Placement

Once the user has come across a product that they like, they can immediately go on to place the order. The cart will contain product details, delivery details, and even the total price to be paid. The user can go through all these before committing to the payment. 

Step 5: Order Tracking

All the orders placed on the platform can be tracked. Every update is recorded and stored under the platform from the time of the order placement. The developer must allow users to access such info whenever they want, which is decided during E-Commerce App Development. A unique ID will allow the users to track the order, especially when en route. 

Step 6: Delivery

The order gets delivered within the stipulated time promised by the app. On receiving the order, the user will be required to clear the due payment if it has not been attained yet. Then, the user can choose from one of the registered payment methods. 

Step 7: Review

Once the ordeal is over, it will finally be time for the user to say something about it. First, they can choose to add a review about their experience with the team and the product after it gets delivered. Then, they can write about their grievances or present suggestions, whatever they feel like. 

Features To Consider While E-Commerce App Development

Features To Consider While E-Commerce App Development
Features To Consider While E-Commerce App Development

E-Commerce App Development is a full-scale process. After you have chalked out the workflow for the eCommerce app, you will need features to emphasise certain portions and link the whole process in a line. These features are broadly divided between two main panels: the user or customer’s panel and the admin panel. 

Customer Panel Features For E-Commerce App Development

Customer Panel Features For E-Commerce App Development
Customer Panel Features For E-Commerce App Development

As the name suggests, the customer’s panel contains features applicable to the customer’s purpose or journey on the platform. Typically, the customer is looking for the best buying option or the bestseller that could help them achieve this outcome. Next, they can look into an eCommerce marketplace using the necessary features required to perform these antics. 


It is essential to include a proper and secure registration process during the E-Commerce App Development. This registration process will be pretty simple compared to a complex initial build-up. The user is only required to get their phone number or social media credentials verified by the admin or an AI. 

Profile Management

As soon as the user joins the platform, they are provided with a profile. They have to enter certain information into their platform. The user may also change some of his info. 

Product Category

An eCommerce platform needs a product category. Here, all the products that have been put for ale by different brands, companies, and sellers are chronologically or listed simply in an organised manner. The user can quickly scroll through this and choose the perfect item for purchasing. 

Search Bar

While E-Commerce App Development, you can not leave out a search bar, even if the app already has a category. Using the search bar, the user can find specific items on the platform or search through products of a single brand. 


Once users find something worth spending their money on, they can immediately add that item to the cart. The things get instantly stored under the cart, and delivery details and other payment details are allotted to the user for proceeding further into the system. 


If the user has a problem immediately buying the product but still wants to buy it later, they can save it as a favourite or store it under their wishlist. This feature is specifically designed to store quite a few products; then, the user can simply return to the list and acquire these products when the offers or price has come down to a reasonable limit. 

Order History

During E-Commerce App Development, the app is built with a robust storage system. This way, the app can store a massive amount of data; every detail from the platform, every transaction, and order, is stored in the app server. In addition, the order history of each user is also stored on the platform, and a user can only access their record from the order history. 

Order Tracking

After the user has placed an order, the order request is immediately sent across the platform. As it gets approved, the user is notified of the event. From here on, the user can track every detail of the order. Even when the package is out for delivery, the user can use GPS trackers to track the delivery. 

Push Notifications

An eCommerce platform needs to push notifications to send out important updates to the user. From order updates to app updates, every bit of info and notice is sent out to the user by the admin using these push notifications. 

Multilingual Support

When E-Commerce App Development, another vital thing to keep in mind and should be integrated onto the platform, is the multilingual support. Firstly, multi-language is crucial to allow people from all nationalities to speak freely. On top of it, multilingual support is used for communicating with audiences and sharing their concern. 

Multi-Payment Modes

The platform should also contain a multi-payment mode, allowing users to easily choose from one of the options for paying the due amount. 

Coupons & Offers

As an eCommerce platform that is primarily constructed as a marketplace, there have to be discounts, coupons & offers to retain customers and attract new ones at the same time. Usually, the admin is responsible for sending these coupons out. But, often, sellers are the ones to introduce offers along with their products. 

Ratings & Reviews

E-Commerce App Development is a big thing, but it can not improve if it does not have feedback from a real audience. Ratings & reviews are the most organic way to receive feedback. These ratings & reviews can build or break reputations on an eCommerce platform. 

Admin Panel Features For E-Commerce App Development

Admin Panel Features For E-Commerce App Development
Admin Panel Features For E-Commerce App Development

An eCommerce application cannot be built without an admin panel: the admin controls and looks over most platform functions. And without the admin, the platform may run into several complications, having nobody to take organised action against them. Hence, the features on the admin panel are pretty crucial to the functionality of the app. 

Centralised Dashboard

Starting with the centralised dashboard, the app’s admin panel is built for monitoring and controlling every aspect of the app from one place. The admin can customise the dashboard however they want. The dashboard may also feature analytics and stats that the admin requires in their daily report. 

Product Management

While E-Commerce App Development provides a handful of management features, the admin is provided with product management. Every product listed on the platform has to pass through the admin. After their approval, they are listed for sale. 

Seller Management

Similarly, the admin is also responsible for managing the platform’s sellers. Like their products, the sellers are also verified by the admin before entering the platform for conducting business operations. 

Order Tracking

Like the customer or user, the admin can also track the orders. The admin can see and track more than one order at a time. They may be even allowed to switch between tracking different orders or delivery guys. 

Offers & Discounts

E-Commerce App Development is the initial hurdle; after that, the app is supposed to deliver something new now and then to attract its clients. Offers and discounts can be one logical way to retain customers. 

Payment Management

Lastly, th admin is also required to manage the payments and transactions over the platform. Whenever the platform makes a payment, the admin receives it and distributes the right commission amount to each participant involved in the whole work. 


E-Commerce App Development
E-Commerce App Development

E-Commerce App Development requires full-proof strategic planning and somebody to look over everything. Once the app is ready, it needs to be checked for possible errors. If everything seems clear, the app will be prepared for launch. 

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