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Eventbrite Clone- Grow Your Event Management Business

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Eventbrite Clone- Grow Your Event Management Business

Gone are the days when you had to reach the venue or collect tickets for an event from somewhere else. As everything is rapidly shifting towards the digital space, event management services have also managed to step on the digital side of the spectrum. Eventbrite Clone is a suitable example of that. 

To tell you about Eventbrite, it is an event management platform and the facility for booking tickets for different events. While the general public can find out about different events that pique their interest. The event management companies can tie up with these platforms and easily manage and promote their events and sell tickets to a greater number of audiences. 

The event organisers manage all aspects of the event, ticket details, venue, and other things, using the digital space. Every event detail is updated on Eventbrite Clone. General users can browse through the local and international events, all the details for ticket booking, and proceed to buy tickets and pay online. 

Why Opt For An Eventbrite Clone?

Why Opt For An Eventbrite Clone
Opt For An Eventbrite Clone

If the description mentioned above was not convincing enough, there are quite a few reasons for opting out of an Eventbrite Clone. The digitalisation of event management platforms has erased any limitations imposed by borders. With that being said, let us look at a few reasons why an online event management platform has great potential in today’s time. 

Easy Management

The event manager or the event organiser responsible for the whole marketing, promotion and sale of tickets can easily do so with an online event management app. By filling up necessary info and details and agreeing to the rules and regulations of the platform, the organiser can use their mobile phones to check all these boxes from anywhere in the world. 

Quick Payment

After users book a ticket on the platform, they will be immediately directed toward the payment gateway. Since there are many online payment options, the platform could at least allow a handful. Once the user pays the amount, it gets directly credited to the organiser’s account. 

Better Return

Every business has to think about getting better returns, and the event management business is no different on that note. The main moto has been to gain more than what was put into the investment for any business. Eventbrite Clone lets organisers invest within their budget and still expect to get a solid return. 

Easy Promotions

An online event management platform will be packed with paid and free features that can be used for promoting an event. It allows global reach. People from different nationalities can purchase events tickets online. 

How Do An Eventbrite Clone Works?

How Do An Eventbrite Clone Works
An Eventbrite Clone Works

So the question remains, how an Eventbrite Clone works. To simplify the statement, the organiser has a different purpose, and the tickets buyers have a separate one. But they surely help fulfil each other’s purpose. An online event management app digitalises the whole process and offers both a separate workflow but intertwines it in a way that helps the platform realise its revenue goal. 

Event Organizer Workflow

Step1: Organizers will be required to create a professional profile. This profile will be filled with authentic info and details about the events they are planning on or already have worked in. 

Step2: After setting up their profile, they can list out the planned event. 

Step3: The events will be up on the Eventbrite Clone platform for the audience to find out. Soon, the bookings will start pouring in, and the organiser will have to go through it all and manage each of the booking requests. 

Step4: When they approve a request, the user will pay for the tickets. The amount will be directed and sent to the organisers minus the platform’s commission. 

App User (Buyer) Workflow

Step1: The user will have to create their profile on the Eventbrite Clone app with detailed info and real-time location. 

Step2: Once they have successfully created their profile, they can explore all the events happening near them. 

Step3: They can check the event’s details, venue, time, ticket prices and other relevant things. 

Step3: If anything piques their interest and fits their budget, they can surely book a ticket for the show. After they have clicked on the book tickets option, they will need to enter a few details and proceed to pay for it. If the organiser accepts the booking request, the amount gets deducted from the buyer’s account and is paid to the organiser. 

Eventbrite Clone Complete Features List

Eventbrite Clone Complete Features List
Eventbrite Clone Complete Features List

An Eventbrite Clone can have a dynamic list of features that will contribute to the whole scheme of the platform. A feature-rich event management app has much value today due to the ease and rapidness offered in digitalisation and the inclusion of the internet. There are three participants for an event management app, and we will be discussing the features of each of the three panels. 

Admin Panel Features On An Eventbrite Clone

Admin Panel Features On An Eventbrite Clone
Admin Panel Features On An Eventbrite Clone

The admin panel is the sanctuary of the admin. From this panel, the admin can manage and monitor all the activities over the platform. Their role is to make sure every feature and function of the application is working properly, study the stats, and analyse how to improve their business plan. 

User Management

The admin of an Eventbrite Clone app is handed the task of managing all users registering to the platform. They get to approve new users to join the platform, manage existing accounts, and, if the situation arrives, ban an account based on complaints made by other users or any other concrete reason for that matter. 

Event Management

The events listed by organisers on the platform get verified initially by the admin. Such a platform will feature multiple events daily. This requires the admin to ensure that all the events plans are executed properly. 

Payment Gateway

The admin is responsible for including multiple payment gateways, which will be important for the audiences. They have to know which options are being majorly used by users and can close down on the list of integrating payment processes. 

Online Commissions

An Eventbrite Clone has many ways of earning commissions from its services. For example, such platforms can earn commissions on the event listing, booking and even selling out of a show. These commissions are legally inscribed within the app policies, and these are collected automatically and transferred to the admin’s account. 

Centralised Dashboard

The admin panel consists of a centralised dashboard, which is smart enough to house the most important features of the admin panel. In addition, it may also have automatic stat collection and analysing tools to allow the admin an insightful look into the business. 

Chatbot Integration

Most of the web panels and applications of the time recognise the importance of chatbots. Chatbots are included in any platform to allow personal communication with clients using bots instead of actual human beings. The inclusion of AI chatbots also automates the process. 

Push Notifications 

As an online application based on online communications and transactions, push notifications are the most obvious way to let users of the Eventbrite Clone know about certain developments in their booking, the event or even news of app updates. In addition, the admin can also send offers to specific clients using push notifications. 

Custom Pricing

Each event’s ticket prices vary from the other. The organiser sets the prices based on different factors. The admin will make sure the price is reasonable. For example, the ticket price could contain the commission price; if not, the admin can add it before finalising the deal. 

User Panel Features On An Eventbrite Clone

User Panel Features On An Eventbrite Clone
User Panel Features On An Eventbrite Clone

The user or the buyer of tickets has the sole purpose of locating events that they want to visit at a fair price. Therefore, the user panel features are put together with the same tone. These features are reflective of the function and purpose of the ticket buyer. 

Online Registration

The user of an Eventbrite Clone will be required to register to the platform using their credentials initially. Then, they can usse their email I.D or social media credentials to register, which will get verified by the admin. 

Search Events

Once they have successfully logged in, they can proceed to search for events that are near them. They can also look for specific events using the search which are not located near them but are miles away. 

Personalised Suggestions

As the user becomes an active member of the platform, it automatically notes their activities. With this data, an Eventbrite Clone can provide users with personalised suggestions that they may like. 

Online Booking

When users find an event they want to participate in, they can book tickets for the show immediately. The booking process is online, and the user can pay the ticket amount using one of the payment gateways allotted by the app. 

Event Followers

The organisers can note how many people will be attending the event from the Eventbrite Clone itself. This gives them a fair idea of how successful the event will be and prepare accordingly. 

Best Deals

The event organiser can offer the best deal possible to the client which they might like. Based on the deal, the user can decide whether to book a ticket. These deals are often sent out personally. 

Multi-Language Support

Language should not be a problem as a platform hosting local and international events. This is why the organiser needs to be able to provide multi-lingual support to all the bookers. 


Eventbrite Clone
Eventbrite Clone- Grow Your Event Management Business 2

There is also an organisers panel in an Eventbrite Clone, consisting of essential features to the organiser. The platform will also require a revenue model to pull the business through. Once all these things are aligned, the platform will be ready to move forward. 

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