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Find The Best COVID-19 Proof Business Solutions with AT&T Software

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Find The Best COVID-19 Proof Business Solutions with AT&T Software

AT&T software offers best-in-class COVID-19 business solutions at a competitive price to meet your business requirements.

Remember those times when we didn’t have to wear a mask or be in constant fear where a simple cough could mean something else? Well, that is what we did in the pre COVID-19 era, an era that was much simpler and better for the growth of the human race. However, soon this picture completely shifted, and we came to probably one of the most deplorable situations of our lives, the COVID-19 era.

Lack of sanitizer, oxygen masks, and sometimes even hospital beds has been a well-known picture during the COVID-19 era. However, one of the direct impacts of this pandemic was seen in our economic condition. Major domains of businesses worldwide shut down, and all we were left with were the terms – lockdown and quarantine.

The government of most sectors announced a nationwide lockdown, which had a direct impact. Only those domains deemed an emergency were functioning, and the others were completely shut down. The most widespread effect was that significant businesses worldwide saw a complete downfall. Still, even many of them also found it challenging to sustain and eventually shut down.

However, it is essential to remember that although some normalcy has been restored, the COVID-19 pandemic can strike again. Hence, the vital thing to do is to devise COVID-19 Proof business solutions. But who do you think can help you in such a situation? Well, planners like us can devise the best for you at the earliest!

What Are COVID 19 Proof Business Solutions?

What Are COVID 19 Proof Business Solutions
COVID 19 Proof Business Solutions

The term itself is self-explanatory, and it refers to all those solutions that can help you function most effectively and that too despite the influx of the COVID-19 pandemic. With a global scenario like this, it is essential to understand that the business world needs some more foolproof tips which can be effective even with another wave of the COVID-19.

Some of the significant domains which can make use of COVID19 Proof business solutions are:

Food Delivery

●    Grocery Delivery

●    Telemedicine and Healthcare Consultation

●    Medicine Delivery

●    Pickup and Delivery

●    E-learning Application

●    On-Demand Healthcare Agents

●    Video Conferencing

●    Medical Transportation Booking

●    E-commerce Marketplace for Basic Requirements

●    Video Streaming

●    Finance Based Application

●    Freelance Marketplace.

Food Delivery:

All of us know that food is a basic necessity, and even during the COVID-19 pandemic, online food delivery apps have been the life saver. However, after the COVID-19 pandemic, it was seen that major food delivery applications had upgraded themselves to cope with the customer demands. Because of this, it has become essential to incorporate some measures that can be helpful even during the COVID-19 pandemic.

We have tried to incorporate the best features like keeping the COVID-19 pandemic norms in mind, distinct panels for the delivery executives, and the take-out option is also quite valid. In addition, the instant food ordering option and the delivery scheme have been incorporated as well so that it becomes straightforward for the application investors.

Grocery Delivery:

All of us know that even during the COVID-19 pandemic, groceries are also essential, and hence Incorporating the online delivery system is vital. However, a significant problem noted is a massive rush because it was not well structured, and the applications could not keep up with the demand. It is because of this reason that we devised a very convenient solution.

Because of this particular reason, we have incorporated an application that is compliant with all the COVID-19 protocols and does not cause either the delivery personnel or even the customer any possible risk. There are covet safety badges offered to all those delivery partners who seem to follow all the protocols and ensure the most convenient delivery option even during COVID-19.

Telemedicine and Healthcare Consultation:

It is essential to understand that there can be nothing more important than your health when it comes to basic needs. However, a pattern that we noted during the pandemic was that all those problems unrelated to COVID-19 were not given that much importance. To make sure that this is not the case, there are options for telemedicine and Healthcare consultation clone applications that we have devised.

The idea here is to offer tailor-made telemedicine and healthcare- based applications that ensure that each client gets the right kind of consultation whenever they want to. There are numerous features incorporated like prompt video conferencing, which connects the patient with the doctor, storing basic medical reports, and virtual waiting rooms!

Medicine Delivery:

All of us know that medicine is one of the prerequisites for a healthy life, and in case there is another COVID-19 surge, it might become impossible to go out of the house to get a few essential medicines. Because of this, the medicine delivery clone application has been built. The drugs are delivered to the clients without them being required to step out, and it is also a very safe option.

We have tried to customize this particular application and ensure that clients do get features like tracking the order and receiving the products by maintaining all the basic COVID 19 protocols, affordable and constant support for those who want to invest in this particular application. The application is a must for those who want to venture into the domain.

Pickup And Delivery:

Often, we have something to deliver, but it does become quite impossible to send these or even receive the items. Hence the pickup and delivery clone application has been built so that this does not become a big problem. All one needs to do is download the application and start using it. It is an efficient option to incorporate the basic delivery requirements and that too conveniently.

The pickup and delivery application ensures that the clients get the best experience without doing much. All the essential COVID 19 protocols have been incorporated so that the clients or the agents are not exposed to potent health-related risks. There are also inclusions like the e-wallet, which ensures that the clients do not have to go for cash on delivery, leading to cross-contamination.

E-learning Application:

Learning is something that will never stop, even if there are thousands of other COVID 19 waves. Hence, it is essential to understand and even build an application that will ensure that students and teachers will not have any problems when it comes to learning in a remote form. In this sector, we have tried to provide an Udemy clone application that ensures that both the students and the teachers are given the right kind of exposure.

Several features like a student and tutor dashboard, multiple language preferences, different payment methods, efficient learning, and a customized learning experience are offered. If you want to venture into this domain, then the e-Learning application is something that you should currently consider. It is one of a kind solution for all those who want to do something in remote learning.

On-Demand Healthcare Agents:

Health emergency is something that does not come announced, and hence it is essential to have an application that will ensure that you get on Demand Health Care agents like nurses and doctors whenever you want. The on-demand Health Care agent application is one such initiative that provides that everybody gets the right kind of treatment in the quickest possible period.

The best thing about the on-demand healthcare app is that it allows the app service provider to deliver eh desired medicines or other healthcare services. And, the app owner and management team can offer 24* 7 assistance in case of any requirement. This application runs completely glitch-free so that there is no problem for any patients to contact the Healthcare agents. You get some fantastic perks like cost-effective solutions and the best quality experts for your needs!

Video Conferencing:

The one thing which kept us all connected and ensured that we all stayed together, even if we were physically far away, is the concept of video conferencing. The video conferencing application has been built so that every individual can get connected without any problem. The idea here is to create a Zoom clone application, and it will have some of the most robust features included.

The essential things that make this clone application a one of a kind solution are HD video options, chat options, screen sharing, and even audio and video recording. You can also choose to attend other video conferences with your fellow partners simultaneously. The best thing is that this application is one of a kind and focuses on every plausible requirement for video conferencing.

Medical Transportation:

All of us know that after the COVID 19 pandemic, Incorporating this particular segment has become more critical than ever. Hence the medical transportation system here was lagging for the most extended period. Our focus is to ensure that medical transportation does not become a huge problem and you get the right kind of assistance anytime you need it.

The best thing about the medical transportation app is that it is loaded with superior features to offer app user convenience. App owners can launch the app almost instantly as it gets ready and app users get the most excellent options liof using it. There are pocket-friendly options for incorporating the COVID-19 protocols, and much more to offer utmost user experience. The application’s primary focus is to ensure that medical transportation does not become a big problem even during the pandemic.

E-commerce Marketplace for Basic Requirements:

It would not be wrong to say that E-Commerce is currently one of the most viable forms by which people outsource their everyday requirements. The need was even more during the COVID-19 pandemic because people were restricted to their homes and could not go to the stores where they could buy their requirements.

The E-Commerce Marketplace was built up to suffice this requirement, which serves the basic needs. The best thing is that this application comes with reloaded facilities like compliance to the basic COVID-19 protocols like safe packaging and maintaining the temperature of the delivery agents. Not only that, but there are also multiple better options like god’s eye view, easy to manage the platform, and a detailed understanding of the products ordered.

Video Streaming:

All of us know that after the pandemic, digital consumption for most of us has a reason, and this has indeed created a requirement for a video streaming option. Hence the Netflix clone application was formulated so that even this domain does not go unnoticed.

Some of the significant features incorporated to make the User experience much more profound are multiple revenue options, various compatibility solutions, an interactive user interface, and the best and most reliable kind of content management. In addition, we have tried to ensure that video streaming does not become a problem, and all those who want to invest in this domain, get the best of resources from us.

Finance Based Application:

There are no two ways about the fact that there is currently an emphasis on shifting to a more digital payment method. Hence it becomes essential to focus on finance-based applications as well. The best thing about this application is that it is a one-of-a-kind solution and tends to focus on all the parameters, which are very important in this domain.

There are major fintech models that you can rely on. These tend to provide you with some fantastic features like easy to make payments, security of data, and even chatbots, which are powered with artificial intelligence.

Freelance Marketplace:

It would not be very wrong to say that after the COVID-19 pandemic, it has become essential to let freelancers find potential. Hence the freelance marketplace has been formulated, connecting freelancers with employers. All of us know that freelance is now one of the most effective methods of finding work, and slowly it is gaining impetus as well.

We have tried to create a Freelancer clone app that is not only power-packed but tends to alleviate the primary stressors very quickly. In addition, there are significant inclusions like Whitelabel solutions, easy installation, and the most well-evolved user experience.

Why Hire AT&T Software for COVID-19 Proof Business Solutions

Why Hire AT&T Software for COVID-19 Proof Business Solutions
Hire AT&T Software for COVID-19 Proof Business Solutions

If you want AT&T Software to take up the initiative and help you in this endeavor, it is high time to call us today and get your appointment fixed. No matter which domain you want to focus on, we will help you and ensure that you do not face any potent problems. At our end, building the best COVID-19 Proof business solutions is the need of the hour, which needs to be focused on at the earliest. 

Affordable Services

AT&T Software provides cost-effective COVID-19 proof business solutions. We provide you with the best app features so that your app users can enjoy all the features without any hassle. We make it a point to incorporate rich app features so that you may attract a huge user base and monetize the platform effectively.

Industry Experience

AT&T Software has a team of experienced app developers with a wide portfolio of products. Having served many clients from across the globe, our mobile app designers and developers come up with feature-rich stunning apps to meet the specific business requirements and expectations of the app users. Hiring app developers for COVID-19 proof business solutions will ensure that you get the best services and make the most of our investment.

Expert Team

AT&T Software is known for the expert team that always keeps them updated and upgraded with the latest technological advancements. Collaborating with AT&T Software will allow you to get high-grade services and monetize your app platform quickly. 

Support and Maintenance

The best benefit about partnering with AT&T Software is that you’ll receive app support to ensure optimal app performance. We want to make sure that your app users have access to it at all times so that you can successfully serve your customers and maximize the app’s revenue strategy.

Get in touch with the representatives of AT&T Software today and discuss your requirements for COVID-19 proof business solutions.

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