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Indiegogo Clone Development: Here Is What You Need To Know

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Indiegogo Clone Development: Here Is What You Need To Know

AT&T Software Offers Best-In-Class Indiegogo Clone App Development Services At A Competitive Price So That You Can Monetize Your Crowdfunding Platform At The Earliest.

In today’s world of digitization, every impossible thing seems quite possible. Even setting up a business is not far-fetched. Crowdfunding is a boon to people who cannot afford to make their dreams come true. Crowdfunding services have now become popular and far-reaching and hence, the popularity of Indiegogo clone app development services

People who don’t have the requisite money to set up a business can get help from crowdfunding platforms. One of the leading crowdfunding applications that we develop for our clients is the Indiegogo clone app. Indiegogo is a well-known and top-rated crowdfunding platform, and we can develop similar crowdfunding for you so that you can monetize the platform almost instantly. 

Who Can Avail Indiegogo Clone App Development Services

Who Can Avail Indiegogo Clone App Development Services
Avail Indiegogo Clone App Development Services

Budding entrepreneurs and successful innovators are making their way to outsource their products and make their mark globally. But, as we all know, a tremendous amount of capital is essential for setting up a business. And, arranging a significant fund for business or any other matter is relatively easy now. The latest platform that can help you raise funds is an Indiegogo clone app. 

We have made it possible for our clients to avail themselves of the best Indiegogo clone app within their budget so that they can quickly monetize this platform and raise funds successfully. Also, it has made the process very convenient and seamless. Hence, Indiegogo Clone stands out to be the most far-reaching crowdfunding platform, as it offers so many facilities and privileges to its users and investors. 

Making campaigns and then sharing the campaigns with family friends through WhatsApp, Facebook, posters, etc., is one of the most significant ways to let people know about it and create awareness. Hence, receiving donations from friends, family, and even strangers worldwide seems possible. 

The Indiegogo like website development solutions helps in dominating the online web fundraising application with so much ease and comfort. Let us boost the joy of funding today;

Various Platforms Which Uses For Crowdfunding;

Various Platforms Which Uses For Crowdfunding
Various Platforms Which Uses For Crowdfunding
  • Reward
  • Donation
  • Equity
  • Real estate
  • Lending

Investors Features of the Indiegogo Clone App

Investors Features of the Indiegogo Clone App
Investors Features of the Indiegogo Clone App

Social Media Login

All the investors, visitors, and users can log in to the Indiegogo clone app using their credentials. They can even log in using social media applications like- Facebook, WhatsApp, Google, and others. 

Browse Project

The Indiegogo clone app feature allows investors and visitors to browse easily with the help of numerous projects to understand it better. 

Choose Project To Fun

The investors can invest their share of the money they want to donate. They will go with the project that appeals to them the most. Investors can also invest in multiple projects simultaneously that fulfill their needs and interest area. 

Payment Gateways

As a crowdfunding platform, the Indiegogo clone app now has a deeper impact and has far-reaching consequences. A multiple payments gateway is available for an easy and quick transaction process. Various payment gateways this application provides are – credit cards, debit cards, digital wallets, internet banking, etc.


Language is no longer a barrier now as the Indiegogo clone application offers multi-language options to its users. Thus, reaching out to global investors by providing them with the language of their choice also becomes more accessible. The multi-language facility integrates popular languages such as English, Mandarin, Spanish and other languages.

Campaign Owners Features of the Indiegogo Clone App

Campaign Owners Features of the Indiegogo Clone App
Campaign Owners Features of the Indiegogo Clone App

Choose Category

You have the available options to choose your favorite category by browsing through the Indiegogo clone app seamlessly. The entrepreneurs can list their funding campaigns under the appropriate section. The various types include technology, arts, medical, pets, etc.

Submit Project Details

The project details and essential information are available in the Indiegogo clone app itself. Therefore, the campaign owners have to provide all the appropriate information to explain the information on the project, including objective, cost, time of completion, and others. 

Campaign Updates

Entrepreneurs or managers can update the details about investors on the Indiegogo clone app by filling in their details. For example, it may include the funds collected, the change in completion time, and others. 

Social Media Login

Social media plays a very significant role in every sphere of life. With the advent of technology, people can take note of every happenings and incidents across the globe by sitting in their homes. Through social media, campaigners can propagate their ideas of funding and business goals to reach out to a larger audience. They can log in to the Indiegogo clone app directly via Facebook, Google, etc. 

Push Notifications

The push notification option in the Indiegogo clone app makes tracking all the latest updates and events significantly easier.  In addition, users can get in touch with all the latest information and updates using that section without browsing more. 

Admin Features of the Indiegogo Clone App

Admin Features of the Indiegogo Clone App
Admin Features of the Indiegogo Clone App

Campaign Management

The Indiegogo clone application has a powerful feature of campaign management. Using that, admins can easily monitor and manage all the different campaigns occurring worldwide.

Social Media

Admins of the Indiegogo clone app are the authorized person here who takes any vital decision. They can log in to the panel with the help of social media, which includes Google, Facebook, and others, to get access to various issues and programs happening worldwide. 

Censor Comments

The admin team in the Indiegogo clone app can immediately remove that part of the content. They are vigilant and careful with their users and ensure complete safety and security. If any problem arises, they can block the users by following the application’s guidelines.

Campaign Feedback

Even admins of the Indiegogo clone app can also monitor the feedback they get from the investor. It is an evaluation method through which the person can learn about their performance and the scope of improvements. In addition, it helps to analyze and think about certain things that need further improvement or retrospection. 


The admin team is provided with more advanced and inbuilt analytics using the latest technologies and features. They produce essential documents about the critical campaigns and the funds. They can deal with all the intricate details about crowdfunding and donations on the Indiegogo clone app

More About The Advanced Crowdfunding Script

More About The Advanced Crowdfunding Script
More About The Advanced Crowdfunding Script

There are various ways to install the Indiegogo Clone App on the device of a user. We are mentioning a few over here.


Once this Indiegogo clone app gets installed on the Android, iOS version, and other web platforms, the individual organizations or the companies can easily register with their respective credentials.


After the registration process is over on the Indiegogo clone app, the fund seekers then enlist the name of specific projects into the application with all the required information required for the project. 


The most potential investor and users of the Indiegogo clone app can easily browse through the projects already enlisted on the crowdfunding platform. 


After browsing through the number of projects appearing in the Indiegogo clone app, the investors can choose their favorite on which they want to invest their money. 


Funds collected by the users get divided into two parts, first as a pre-assigned commission to the Indiegogo clone app administrator, then another to the campaigner. 


Both the campaign owners and the investors are notified of all the funds donated and raised requirements. Thus, it is one of the most important and worthy features of the Indiegogo clone application.  


Admin of the platform has a vital role to play. They perform the most intricate work in this entire application. In addition, they will update and share the funds raised for the project on the Indiegogo clone application. 


Indiegogo Clone Application
Indiegogo Clone Application

Indiegogo Clone Application is now one of the leading crowdfunding platforms. It offers a variety of benefits to its users, campaigners, and even investors. This application is customized in such a way keeping their demands in mind. 

There are various processes of transaction available to ensure a smooth and seamless transaction process for the investors. The admin team is powerful and efficient. 

They are ready to solve any queries and difficulties. 

Hence, there is a 24hours assistance service. You can directly talk to the project managers, developers, and designers here. You can ask questions related to this platform and resolve your queries. 

Get in touch with A&T Software to discuss your requirements for the Indiegogo clone app development project. We will surely give you a rate quotation that fits your budget and also office you the list of features you want in your Indiegogo clone app.

Contact team AT&T Software now to know more about the crowdfunding app development or Indiegogo clone app workflow. 

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