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IOT Vehicle Tracking Software: Top Features and Benefits

Do you know what the term IoT means? The literal translation of the term iot refers to the internet of things, and it is currently one of the most advanced technologies. One of the major perks of iot as a system is that it has made the digital world much more advanced, and it can even be incorporated into most other sectors as well very easily. Even the vehicle industry has incorporated the system and ensured that better advancements could be provided to the clients.

One of the major perks of Incorporating such a system is that it helps in modernizing the vehicle industry and making it much more accessible and efficient than it already was. The system has ensured that machine to machine communication is boosted manifold, and consequently, it can be used for taking up the efficiency a notch higher. Today the system of IoT is a basic requirement, and the best possible aid is required in the field.

WebRock Media, we have tried to take this Technology a notch higher and ensure that anyone who incorporates the system does not have any problems and can use the same manifold. We have always thought of Incorporating a system that helps one work better, and hence the domain of IoT vehicle tracking software is one of our major prerogatives.

What Is The Vehicle Tracking Software All About?

What Is The Vehicle Tracking Software All About
The Vehicle Tracking Software All About

As the name suggests, one of the primary functions of the vehicle tracking software is to ensure that all the vehicles brought under this range are tracked very easily without any added hassles. It is very important to understand that Technology has moved forward, and hence incorporating it even in the domain of vehicles is very important and the need of the hour.

Not only for increasing the viability of the experience, but the vehicle tracking software is also very important for various security measures and ensuring that the mobility experience is smooth. The software is one of a kind, and all you need to do is incorporate the system to help in easy tracking of all the vehicles under its parameters.

The Technology behind the software is immensely well built, so you will not have to worry about anything once the system has been integrated. It even provides you with a completely accurate measure and ensures that the client is not in any dilemma once they have incorporated the system. The software can be used in a variety of domains, and some of these are:

Fleet Management:

The term fleet management is applicable if you have a myriad of vehicles under you, and it gets really difficult to manage all these vehicles and stay updated at the same time. The fleet management solution provided by us is one of the best, and you do not need to worry about anything because real-time information will be updated. The best thing is that you can get a plethora of vehicles under the domain, and it would not be difficult to manage these all in one go.

The fleet management option has incorporated various services like real-time tracking of the vehicles, speed control, traffic and fleet management, vehicle scheduling and much more. Of course, the option is best if you have a lot of vehicles under you, and it becomes tough to manage all of these in one go. However, the efficiency level is also par excellence and something that you can trust very easily.

Predictive Vehicle Maintenance: 

When you have a lot of vehicles under your supervision, it also becomes very hectic to understand which of the vehicles need maintenance and exactly what the health status update is. It is important to understand that your vehicles need time to time maintenance so that it does not break down at an unprecedented time. It is particularly due to this season that we have focused on the predictive vehicle maintenance option.

The best thing about this software is that it helps you stay updated about what the vehicle’s condition is and which is the one that needs maintenance at the earliest. Not only that, even the performance parameters are tracked very easily by using this particular software. In addition, several features like damage detection, automatic maintenance schedule and cloud updates make it one of the best options.

What Are The Major Features of Our Vehicle Tracking Software?

What Are The Major Features of Our Vehicle Tracking Software
The Major Features of Our Vehicle Tracking Software

The IoT vehicle tracking app that we have formulated is one of a kind, and hence to make the experience more viable, we have incorporated some amazing features. The idea is to ensure that the clients who sign up for it do not have any problems and each of their requirements is paid attention to. Some of the most promising features which we have tried to incorporate under this parameter are:

Telematics Vehicle Tracking:

One of the major aims of this particular application is to ensure that the user gets a real-time update of where the vehicle is at the moment. Because of this, we have incorporated the real-time telematics vehicle tracking option, which ensures that the exact location can be provided to the user very easily. The system is highly efficient and will ensure that they can cater to your needs at the earliest.

Fuel Track:

With the rising price of fuel worldwide, it has become very important to track the fuel intake and ensure that it does not cross and goes beyond the limit. This season, the foil track system has been incorporated, which is highly effective and will give you the most accurate updates. Consequently, it will help you to rash and your fuel requirements and use it as per the readings.

Speed Control:

It is a system that can be used for updates and more real-time problems like speed control. Speed control often becomes a very big problem, and you even get a summons for the same. The speed control software ensures that your vehicle is following the speed requisition, and if not, immediate intimidation is provided to you.

Vehicle Use Analysis:

We have also incorporated vehicle usage Analytics. The vehicle uses analytics that has been incorporated so that every user can understand how much their vehicle has been used and which is the kilometer range that they have been driving it. The end-to-end report as to how much the vehicle has been driven and what the fuel analytics are will help you better understand the vehicle, and it will keep you updated as well. The analytics are very important and a must-have in most systems.

Fleet and Driver Management:

When you tend to have a lot of vehicles to be managed by you, it automatically becomes a headache. And with the fleet of vehicles, the other thing that you have to keep in mind is the driver. Hence the fleet and Driver Management software ensures that you stay updated on both clauses. One of the major reasons we have focused on fleet and driver management is because it ensures the efficiency of your entire system. We often do not have much idea; however, that is not desirable at all.

Native Applications:

All of us know that when it comes to applications, there are people who tend to use different kinds of platforms. Hence, we have always tried to ensure that each user can integrate the application and use it in their system. The one that we have designed can be used for your android-based applications, but it can be very well applied to your iOS platforms. It is one of the most promising applications that we have designed to date, and hence we want everyone to use it with ease, irrespective of domain.

Multiple Languages:

Maintaining a fleet of vehicles and drivers is not easy, and this is not only because of the difference in management but also due to the difference in language. Hence as an endeavor, we have tried to incorporate the multiple language system to add any language that you want to so that it becomes very easy to use the application. We believe that adding language preferences is very important, particularly in a domain where English might not be the most often used language choice for many.

Vehicle To Vehicle Communication:

We have also tried to develop a vehicle to a vehicle communication system as this is also very important. The system is so well developed that you can add several vehicles to the system and ensure that each of the drivers can communicate with each other very easily in case of any requirements. The vehicle to vehicle communication is one of our most unique customizations.

Voice Recognition:

Digital advancement has moved forward so that nowadays, you do not even need to provide manual instructions. Instead, you can choose to rely on voice recognition, one of the unique features and can help you manifold in the efficiency domain. The voice recognition system that we have developed is also very effective, and it will catch your commands very easily without any jumbling up of sentences.

Maintenance Prediction:

Lastly, it is very important to understand that when you have a fleet of vehicles to manage under your seat, it might not be possible to be very well updated about when the vehicle needs maintenance. So thanks, the maintenance prediction option has been incorporated to help you stay updated very easily.

If you also want to connect with us and access the best iot vehicle tracking software, contact us today!

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