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OLX Clone App Development Solution

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OLX Clone App Development Solution

AT&T Software offers specialized OLX clone development services at competitive pricing.

AT&T Software is a reputed web and app development agency with years of experience in offering specialized app development solutions. We develop OLX clone app development services to help you release an online classified marketplace similar to OLX.

Build a classified marketplace empire by endorsing the best available deals to a global market through OLX clone app development. We offer customized solutions to meet your specific requirements and help you make a huge profit.

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Do you require an online classified business similar to OLX?

Do you require an online classified business similar to OLX
an online classified business similar to OLX

If you are looking for OLX clone app development solutions, you have come to the right place. Online classified marketplaces are businesses that enable people to post a variety of ads for buying and selling items such as cars, smartphones, real estate, electronics, and other items.

OLX is one of the largest online identified marketplaces globally, with a net profit of over $60 million and daily traffic of over a million ads. The rise of OLX evidences the achievement of classified ads.

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Classified Script That You Can Adopt

Classified Script That You Can Adopt
Classified Script That You Can Adopt

The classified script is a software program that allows you to create an online classified marketplace. Our classified clone app is attractively designed and enhanced with cutting-edge technology to meet your specific requirements.

An all-in-one app that can be tailored to fit your specific business needs. It could be a real estate development company, an automobile reselling company, or even an electronic goods reselling company. AT&T Software’s OLX clone app not only does the job flawlessly, but it’s also great for business!

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Classified Application Development with an OLX Clone App

Classified Application Development with an OLX Clone App
Classified Application Development with an OLX Clone App

AT&T Software’s OLX clone app script has the key characteristics of fruitful flexibility, enabling an entrepreneur to generate various apps based on various business requirements. You can choose the particular niche and facets you require from various features. The following are among the famous online classified businesses that can be started with the OLX clone app.

Marketplace for Job Classifieds

It is one of the most well-known classified businesses, with the highest market share among other classified fields. Jobseekers and employers searching for a qualified individual and a quality firm will use the platform. Subscription fees, premium fees, sales fees, sponsored post fees, third-party ads, and other fees can be used to monetize the job classified platform.

Marketplace for Classified Ads in Real Estate

Real estate is a $4000 billion industry that not everyone will overlook. The OLX clone app script can be used to develop a variety of domains within the Real-estate ecosystem, such as commercial, residential, and community development, and serve as a platform for buyers and sellers from all walks of life to find their dream property. The classified marketplace platform’s main source of revenue and traditional income parts is commission.

Marketplace for Automobile Classifieds

Incubate an Automobile Classifieds Marketplace to cash in on the ever-flowing stream of profit made possible by the automobile industry. It’s been one of the most popular product categories for over a century, with a high level of modern usage. Using your platform, expedite the selling and buying of automobiles such as cars, motorcycles, and heavy vehicles, and leverage profits that will skyrocket over time.

Marketplace for Pet Ads

Pets and pet stores are always luxurious commodities dubbed cute, sweet, and whatnot. Launch a Pet Classifieds Marketplace to demystify the space by allowing people to buy and sell pets and pet products. Pet lovers are flocking to the Internet to buy the creatures who live in their hearts due to increased digitalization, and your Pet Classifieds Marketplace could be the perfect place for you to meet this demand.

Marketplace for Auctions

It used to be an arduous task to digitize the auction industry. It can, however, be established in a matter of days using our OLX clone app. script. You can create an Auction Marketplace empire by creating an Auction Marketplace that caters to this specific niche. Auctions sell millions of products in a wide range of categories. It could be the best opportunity for an internet app to capitalize on the opportunity and gain market share.

Do you want to create a one-of-a-kind Classified Marketplace?

Do you want to create a one-of-a-kind Classified Marketplace
create a one-of-a-kind Classified Marketplace

We search for developers to help you bring a different classified marketplace concept to life that you believe will disrupt the market? Then, take comfort in the fact that your wait is over. Our OLX clone app script is highly customizable according to your preferences and ideas.

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Our OLX Clone’s Highlights

Our OLX Clone’s Highlights
Our OLX Clone’s Highlights

Upload Media (Photo/Video)

Sellers can use their mobile phones or cameras to upload photos or short videos of their products. A description increases the product’s visual attraction, resulting in more sales.

Filter With Intelligence

It’s a handy tool that enables buyers to sort products by categories, vendors, price, date posted, and other factors. Sellers can change the descriptions of their products based on popular filters.

Registration In One Step

Registration and verification are simplified because sellers and buyers can register with their email account, Facebook ID, Instagram ID, and phone number rather than filling out lengthy registration forms.

Search Based On Location

Buyers can browse types of products based on their selected destination, saving time.

In-App Messenger

In-Built Messenger allows sellers and buyers to communicate instantly, quickly clarifying questions and potential deals.

Listing That Has Been Amalgamated

Sellers can create different listings based on their products, and they can update/modify product details at lightning speed because they have access to consolidated listing information.

Categories With No Limits

Sellers can virtually involve their products in as many categories or subcategories as possible, vastly increasing their tactical flexibility.

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The Best Classified Script for Getting Your Ad Marketplace Off the Ground

The Best Classified Script for Getting Your Ad Marketplace Off the Ground
The Best Classified Script for Getting Your Ad Marketplace Off the Ground

Script for a single vendor

If you’re a single-product or single-category vendor, this script will help you take your business to the next level.

Script for Multiple Vendors

Multi-Vendors who sell a variety of products of various types use a Multi-Vendor script to provide a rich user experience.

Script for a startup or a business

Entrepreneurs who want to initiate a classified marketplace can use the startup/Enterprise script to capitalize on the marketing opportunity right away.

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What is the functionality of our OlX clone app script?

AT&T Software has worked hard to ensure that the script reflects the working process used by the classified marketplace industry’s rulers.

Register and log in

Register for an account by entering the necessary personal details like name, address, email id, phone number, or social media credentials.

Add your items

Enter the information about your products, including photos and a detailed description.

Product validation by the administrator

The admin validated and authorized the product details.

Created a listing

Your product has been officially listed in the marketplace following verification.

The customer looks for your product

Customers who are interested in your product can find it by using the search option.

Interact with customers

You have the option to negotiate deals and confirm the order.

The customer buys the product

You are able to deliver the product as agreed upon with the customer.

Our OLX Clone App’s Features

Our OLX Clone App’s Features
Our OLX Clone App’s Features

Easy and simple registration

Buyers can register using their email address, Facebook account, Instagram account, and phone number, alleviating potential customer gain points.

Option for smart search

With so many products and categories to choose from, creating a search bar that filters through various criteria and displays the most relevant search results enhances the consumer experience.

Listing of many categories

Products are classified into various categories based on domains, which aids in providing a quick lookup process and increases the likelihood of actual purchase.

Save products in the cart

Clients can save a product they’re interested in and buy it later without searching for it again.

In-app chatbox

Buyers can communicate with sellers and work out pricing and other details in real-time, increasing trust in your marketplace.

Support for multi-language

Buyers can gain access to the global market by offering multilingual support, which The app can effectively combine with multi-currency support.

Social media sharing

Customers are permitted to share information about their exciting products on social media, which serves as free marketing for your marketplace.

Instant ad alerts

Buyers can enable alerts for specific products triggered by email notifications or text messages.

Rating and feedback sharing

Customers can provide feedback on their purchasing experience as well as rate the product, increasing seller community awareness.

Voice Messaging Solution

Incorporate a voice messaging solution into the solution to improve the chat encounter of classified site users. This feature will facilitate incredibly quick communication between users and, as a result, will easily capture the attention of a large number of users.

The splash screen

You can give your classified app an amazing look by including this incredible splash screen feature in the solution. This animated splash screen feature will amaze users on your application’s loading page, making your classified app stand out from the crowd.

Option for intelligent response

By incorporating this enticing feature into the solution, you can enable users on the online classified platform to respond quickly to each incoming chat message. There is no wonder that this feature will catch the interest of site visitors.

Shipping API integration

When selling a product, the seller has the option of specifying whether the item is available for shipping.

Monitor product shipment

The OLX clone app allows buyers to monitor the item(s) they have purchased. The buyer is given access to detailed information.

With amazing plugins, you can improve the user experience.

With amazing plugins, you can improve the user experience
With amazing plugins, you can improve the user experience

Aside from the stellar basic features, the fantastic add-ons are what set it apart from the competition, as they take the smoothness to a whole new level.

Spam filter

The classified script boasts an ingenious spam prevention mechanism that faultlessly detains potential fraudulent users.

Control panel for advertisements

Admins can promote using full-page ads while also limiting the number of ads that a user can post at any given time.

Intelligent language translator

The advanced language translator enhances the shopping experience and makes it more accessible.


Admins can make precise adjustments and change the app’s working scheme. It can, for example, be used to display ads based solely on a particular geographic area.

Now is the best time to introduce your classified market application.

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The Benefits Of Selecting Our OLX Clone

The Benefits Of Selecting Our OLX Clone
The Benefits Of Selecting Our OLX Clone

Worldwide Reach

The OLX clone app provides you with robust features that streamline your large niche and provide depth of focus, allowing you to achieve global recognition and reach.

Short Timing

The platform’s various activities, such as ad posting and payment processing, are completed at an astounding rate, providing a one-of-a-kind customer experience.

Products With Affiliate Links

Increase your revenue by placing advertisements in your marketplace.

Built To Be Seo-Friendly

The script is designed to align with the most recent SEO trends, retaining your clone app up with the pack’s pace at all times.

Latest Technology

Everything is planned, but only a few are well-practiced. Nevertheless, our script is entirely built with the most up-to-date technologies.

Option For Dynamic Filters

This feature of our software allows sellers to customize the groupings and filters for their product listings. As a result, millions of customers on the online classified platform will have a better experience.

Search will be based on:

  • Search results are based on the product price. 
  • Search for local sellers and products.
  • Filter your results by characteristics.

Homepage Similar To OLX

The user interface (UI) of our Progressive Web Application (PWA) is based on the original OLX clone website and app.

How Can Our OLX Clone App Assist You In Operating A Commercially Viable Online Classified Business?

How Can Our OLX Clone App Assist You In Operating A Commercially Viable Online Classified Business
Our OLX Clone App Assist You In Operating A Commercially Viable Online Classified Business

With a clear understanding of what people today expect from an online classified platform, our expert team has meticulously crafted a best-in-class OLX clone strategy that meets numerous impressive features, responsive design, cutting-edge technologies, and so on. Consequently, capturing the attention of the people on the classified site will be a piece of cake if you use our dependable OLX clone.

In addition, our adaptable OLX clone solution will allow you to include a variety of features and functionalities based on your specific business concepts and needs. As a result, with our adaptable OLX clone solution, bringing your online classified business dreams to life will never be a difficult task.

Furthermore, our OLX clone solution is subjected to extensive testing steps in order to demonstrate improved performance across various platforms. So, if you want to start and run a profitable online classified business in this fiercely competitive world, use our best OLX clone solution.

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Our OLX Clone App’s Revenue Model

Our OLX Clone App’s Revenue Model
Our OLX Clone App’s Revenue Model

Our classified app script is not only technologically superior but also business-savvy. As a result, the script generates a plethora of revenue streams.

Fee for Transaction

You are compensated for each transaction that occurs in the classified marketplace. This works extremely well for sales, and you can set a commission percentage as a transaction fee.

Ad Fee for Premium Ads

A substantial fee can be levied as a Premium fee from sellers in exchange for granting them access to advanced features such as placing their ads on a premier spat on your app and newsletters, blogs, and so on.

Google Adwords

You can earn money while increasing traffic by allowing Google ads to appear on your classified app’s product page.

Fee for Advertising

You can monetize your banner spaces and post sponsored ads for the seller community, increasing the likelihood of transactions.

Exclusive Promotions

Our Admins can earn more money with this revenue factor by allowing sellers on the classified site to record their products in featured positions. Because the featured promotions easily capture the attention of users, sellers will wish to list their products, and the admin will profit greatly as a result.

Banner Ads

Banner advertisements are in the spotlight nowadays. This intriguing revenue source of ours enables admin to profit by putting banner ads on the classified site. In addition, many sellers will opt for banner ads because they are visually appealing and allow admin to earn more easily.

Pay in Each Transaction

This revenue factor of ours allows admin to profit whenever new purchases are made on the site. As a result, for each new transaction that occurs on the classified platform, the admin will receive a certain percentage of the commission.

Our Method for Creating an OLX Clone App

Our Method for Creating an OLX Clone App
Our Method for Creating an OLX Clone App

Study of Specifications

Customer satisfaction is our top priority, and we spend a significant amount of time understanding the specific requirements and ideas to be incorporated into the app.

Analysis of Requirements

After drafting the customer needs, our devoted study team searches through every possible option needed to carry out the project.

Product Creation

Once the needs and actions have been determined, our exceptional developers spectacularly begin the development process with the utmost importance placed on user experience and creating a stunning product.


The final step before launching the app is for our developers to ensure that it is free of issues/bugs and meets the needs of the customer.


The script is always presented on or before the deadline and is completely ready to go.

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Have A Look At Our Pricing Packages:

Have A Look At Our Pricing Packages
Have A Look At Our Pricing Packages

Features of Admin Panel

  • Login to Admin
  • Forgot your password?
  • Admin Control Panel
  • Statistics on Ads
  • Statistics of user
  • Advertising Administration
  • Manage the Ads List
  • Category Management
  • Subcategory Management
  • Category Enable/Disable
  • Ad Picture Upload
  • Manage the Ads Type
  • Custom Fields Management
  • User Administration
  • Manage the Roles 
  • Control User Permissions
  • Organize Titles
  • Management of Payments 
  • CMS Page Administration
  • Control General Preferences
  • Configure the Homepage
  • Control the Language of the Application
  • Package Management
  • Change Payment Preferences
  • Control Advertising
  • Control Countries
  • Control Currency Code
  • Control Time Zones
  • Maintain the Blacklist Record
  • Control Report Types
  • Plugin Management
  • Delete Cache
  • Backup of Data
  • Mode of Maintenance
  • Account Management for Administrators
  • Password Reset

Features of The OLX User Application

  • Registration of Users
  • Login for Users
  • Forgot your password?
  • Homescreen
  • Select a Country
  • Select a City/Region
  • Place Free Ads
  • Upload an Image for Ads
  • Add Seller Information for Ads
  • Ad Packages should be added.
  • Search by Category
  • View the Most Recent Ads
  • View Ads Specifications
  • Report Advertisements
  • Advertisements Save
  • Message (Ads)
  • View Advertisement Suggestions
  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) 
  • Contact the Seller Using Social Media
  • Modify the Application Language
  • Browse
  • Management of User Account
  • Management of User Ads
  • Add to Favorite 
  • View Saved Posts
  • View Pending Requests
  • Archives Ads Management
  • Chat Management
  • Payment Details Management
  • Payment History Management
  • Password Change
  • Buy And Sell Items
  • Block or Deactivate Account

How Much Is The Cost Of Making An Application Like OLX Clone?

How Much Is The Cost Of Making An Application Like OLX Clone
The Cost Of Making An Application Like OLX Clone

The cost of developing an OLX clone app script varies depending on the project. It is usually determined by a number of factors, such as the application framework, functionalities, additional features, development team size, and so on.

We brainstorm to finalize the development cost after we understand your requirements, taking into account the parameters mentioned above.

If You Are Looking For Developing An OLX Clone Application, You Must Choose AT&T Software, Because:

If You Are Looking For Developing An OLX Clone Application, You Must Choose AT&T Software, Because
If You Are Looking For Developing An OLX Clone Application

Our OLX clone script is the obvious choice if you really want to launch a classified ads marketplace with a strong foundation and cutting-edge features. They are combined with the capacity to create consistent revenue from multiple sources all within the app. Aside from these, market leaders select us for specific reasons.

  • High Quality Products. 
  • We Have A Dedicated Expert Team. 
  • Always On Time Delivery. 
  • We Offer 100% Success.

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