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Hospitality | Restaurant | Service

Half Century ago, India had many states, One of them being Rajputana. Rājputāna meaning “Land of the Rajputs”, was a region in India that included mainly the present-day Indian state of Rajasthan, as well as parts of Madhya Pradesh and Gujarat and some adjoining areas of Sindh were divided in many kingdoms or palaces and […]

NGO | Foundation

Work on sustainable development birth innovations, create jobs, and help families and communities thrive, both today and tomorrow. 

Classes | Camps | Workshops

Activingo, a platform for all, allows users to find local classes, camps, and workshops. Activingo also provides a platform for local vendors to grow and increase their business through the site.

Women’s Lifestyle | Parenting | Wellness

One-stop for tips, tricks, advice, and learnings on how to do motherhood.

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