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Web Development

Top-notch Web Development Company in Texas

At&T Software is one of the leading web development companies in Texas where you get comprehensive web solutions suited to your business requirements. A robust website adds value to your business and helps you in offering customers a great experience. Our areas of specialization include custom website development, PHP web development, e-commerce website development, Magento website development and WordPress website development.

With years of experience in the web development industry, we have succeeded in delivering unique and lucrative solutions to all our clients. To boost your online presence and transform your business, hire our experts to build an excellent website for you.

Custom Website Development

The appearance and design of your website are essential but what attract profits are features, expandability, loading speed and compatibility. Our custom website development adds uniqueness to your brand image. To give a competitive edge to your website over other competitors, you need to include features that no one can replicate. At&T Software can do that perfectly! Our team does not only focus on the basics but also on stability testing, browser compatibility and the addition of innovative features. To grow your business, you should invest in robust web development besides designing your website. Hire our skilled developers to customize your website as per your business requirements.

PHP Web Development

PHP has grown to be one of the most widely used programming languages because of its high compatibility with technologies, dynamic open-source design, database integration and ubiquitous browser support. Our highly-experienced developers build enriching PHP web apps in the shortest timespan with the least capital investment. When you create web applications for your business via our PHP web development service, it adds agility and dynamism. To survive in today’s cutthroat market for long, you need to boost user experience making the most of feature-rich and functional components. As PHP is one of the most dynamic, effective and fastest programming languages, use it to make a big difference to your website. For the best output, avail of our PHP web development service.

E-commerce Website Development

At&T Software designs and develops potent e-commerce web solutions helping entrepreneurs across the world to transform their business. Our customized, secured and flawless e-commerce website development service is ideal for the worldwide promotion of your products, services and offerings to drive your sales and customer satisfaction. We assist you in online store operations by empowering totally functional customized e-commerce websites to integrate with ERP and CRM models. With the increasing number of online stores, you should not make a bit of a compromise in its quality. Our e-commerce web developers shape your website with proper content and visuals to impress maximum customers.

Magento Website Development

If you want to create the perfect layout for your e-commerce website, Magento development can be a great option. At&T Software integrates the best features such as shopping cart layout, site modification and easy-to-access backend management. With the implementation of Magento, you can offer your customers a smooth shopping experience from log-in to checkout. Magento integration permits you to keep up with the up-gradation of templates and operate your website easily. Being one of the best Magento development companies in Texas, we handle every project considering your unique business needs and offer excellent solutions at the least price. So, wait no further and hire our Magento developers to get a beautifully designed e-commerce website.

WordPress Website Development

Businesses that have invested in WordPress development services have acquired a prominent online presence in the digital world. When you use WordPress, you get to decide how to use and when to post content. Using this CMS, you can customize your blog site and provide rich information to your readers on a certain topic. Our skilled web developers use in-built themes effectively to design your website. Once you integrate WordPress CMS to your website, you can extend your customer outreach. You can pick from a variety of colors, fonts, plugins and templates to give an exceptional overall appearance to your website and offer a unique user experience. Are you planning to invest in the WordPress development service? Hire our experts immediately!

Opencart Website Development

To revamp your e-commerce website, OpenCart can be a splendid platform as it has all the essential qualities and functionalities to offer a fabulous shopping experience to your customers. At&T Software offers high-quality web development services to help you in customizing your store according to your business requirements and increase your customer outreach. To make your commerce store stand out, leverage the in-built themes, modules, store management features and scalability. No matter how complicated your business requirements are, our skilled OpenCart developers customize your online store to reflect the worth of your brand. So what are you waiting for? Avail of our OpenCart web development services to enhance your e-commerce website.

Custom Application Development

Nowadays, clients look for fast and affordable services with no compromise on quality. To boost the overall effectiveness of your business operations and stay ahead of the curve, you need customized services suited to your demand. Once you avail of our custom application development services, you climb the ladder of success in no time. At&T Software holds records in offering solutions to meet the requirements of clients irrespective of the complexities involved. As our experts follow a consultative and collaborative approach, we ensure to offer a comprehensive solution for your business rather than a single app that does not live up to all your expectations.

Mobile Optimization

To reach maximum customers, you need to have a mobile-optimized website. We optimize your website so it reformats itself for a list of tablet or handled devices. When users open a website on a smartphone or tablet, they see reformatted content, various optimized images and bigger navigation buttons. Reformatting makes it easy for the website to engage a wide mobile audience when crucial buying decisions occur. An increasing number of people use mobile devices to make buying decisions. When you have a website that permits users to smoothly navigate and interact via the small screens of their mobile devices, they can make a decision quickly. To make your website extremely mobile-friendly, optimize it from our experts.

Content Strategy

An effective content strategy delivers cost-effective business outcomes. We assist you in reviewing existing content and optimizing web pages/blogs to boost visibility and include topics that target customers are likely to search and engage with. Our content marketing strategists help to create brand awareness and educate new leads about your offerings. We review your website framework and magnify the prominence of vital content pages so users can simply access the crucial information on your website. Do you want to enhance brand recognition, expand customer outreach and boost your backlink profile? Get in touch with us today! Our experts plan and customize content strategies suited to your precise business needs.

Hosting & Domain

To make your website easily accessible through the World Wide Web, opt for our web hosting service. Being one of the leading web hosting service providers in Texas, we offer space on servers leased or owned by clients. At&T Software also provides high-speed internet connectivity usually in a data center. As a web host, we also offer data center space for other servers based in their data center, known as colocation.
Domain names are created by the rules and strategies of the Domain Name System(DNS). To host with other companies, you need to have your own domain. Don’t you have one? We can help you purchase a proper domain.
To enjoy a hassle-free web hosting and domain creation experience, avail of our service so you can focus your time and efforts on other important tasks.

Web Development Technologies

We guide enlist models to help customers rapidly increase your group to meet your authoritative and business destinations, turning into an expansion of your IT business.

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