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Shopify vs Oberlo

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Shopify vs Oberlo

If you are planning to get into the e-commerce marketplace, you must have heard about Shopify and Oberlo. 

But how do these two e-commerce platforms work? What are their exceptional features? How much do they cost? 

You will get answers to all these questions in the comparison of Shopify vs Oberlo.

So, let’s dive in.

Shopify vs Oberlo – What are the Features?

Shopify vs Oberlo-Features
synchronizing data, order processing, and dropshipping.


Shopify is a full e-commerce platform that helps people to set up an online store and sell products across different channels. It’s quite easy to sign up for an account and upgrade current templates. 

Though Shopify functions as a website builder, it offers a graphical user interface. You don’t need any extra coding knowledge.


Oberlo is a Drop Shipping Software cost and functionality solution that is suited for SMEs to big enterprises. Users and experts in the e-commerce sphere prefer to use cutting-edge Oberlo software. 

Oberlo promotes drop shipping by connecting to Aliexpress, a leading wholesaler in the world. This platform functions as a data bridge between Shopify and Aliexpress by synchronizing data, order processing, and dropshipping. So, you can add products or find target products from Aliexpress via Oberlo, customize products and sell them directly on Shopify

Shopify vs Oberlo – How Do They Work?

Shopify vs Oberlo-Works
How Do Shopify and Oberlo Work?


It is easy to use Shopify even if you don’t know the coding. Shopify enables you to build and customize websites easily, manage products, create website interfaces, add content, handle inventory and calculate shipping fees in that location automatically. 

As Shopify is built for every user, you don’t need to learn programming to use it. You can build a website and add several features to it. 


Oberlo is a dedicated app for Shopify store sales support. With Oberlo, merchants can add stocking products to their online stores in minutes. Many e-commerce entrepreneurs need to spend hours browsing the web to find the best products. Oberlo simplifies everything by suggesting the trending items and adding them to your online store. 

Oberlo Market helps you to connect with vendors across the world. You can find many products and add them to your dropshipping store with a few clicks. This platform easily solves many dropshipping steps. 

Moreover, Oberlo is only compatible with the Shopify platform. This platform does not support any other e-commerce platform. 

Shopify vs Oberlo – How Much Do They Cost?

Shopify vs Oberlo cost
Starter Plan, Basic Plan, and Pro Plan.


As Shopify is built as a rapid e-commerce website building tool, the relevant costs tend to be higher than the average web hosting platform or website builders. 


Oberlo is available at quite a reasonable price. The company offers 3 core plans including – Starter Plan, Basic Plan, and Pro Plan. 

Shopify vs Oberlo – Which is the Best Platform for Your Online Store

Shopify vs Oberlo- Choose the Best
Oberlo is a well-integrated Shopify app

Shopify is an e-commerce platform that offers support and solutions for your e-commerce website

Oberlo is a well-integrated Shopify app for dropshipping. If you want to launch and run a normal e-commerce store, Shopify can be an ideal choice while Oberlo can be suited for dropshipping store owners. 

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