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What Are the Features and Benefits of An Amazon Clone App?

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What Are the Features and Benefits of An Amazon Clone App

Who doesn’t love to see their business expanding steadily and generating a good amount of revenue without the hassle of maintaining a physical store, employees, stock and inventory regularly? This can only be achieved through e-commerce business. The e-commerce business has changed the entire face of business by introducing a revolutionary concept of digital store and marketplace

And these days, online e-commerce marketplace like Amazon is storming the market with their robust features and functionality. So, there is no need to hire a physical store, pay for its maintenance and hire hordes of employees. Rather, a more economical yet profitable solution is there: Amazon Clone App.

Amazon is one of the biggest e-commerce marketplaces ruling the online shopping platform with its innovation and features. It has been observed that Amazon’s share of retail e-commerce has expanded by 40% in 2020 and 42% by 2021. Thus, steady yet rapid growth signifies that people are inclining toward the online marketplace and relating to their credibility. 

After all, who doesn’t love to shop from the comfort of their home and want their product to be delivered at the doorstep within a similar price range as retail offers? These days, small and medium-sized business owners who don’t have a physical presence are enlisting themselves in Amazon to reach out to a huge crowd. 

So, if you are planning to start your eCommerce marketplace, we can help you start your own Amazon Clone App with all the relatable features. Let us have a look at the Amazon Clone App Development.

What is an Amazon Clone App?

What is an Amazon Clone App
an Amazon Clone App

It is a white-label, feature-oriented e-commerce App that can be launched at any time as per the requirement. Armed with a series of details like the easy and fast process of ordering and checking out multiple payment gateways and multi-vendor outlets, it is one of the fascinating apps among its competitors.

Being one of the best app developers, we provide a top-notch clone app that can be completely customizable as per the client’s needs. With features like live tracking & multi-currency integration, our Amazon Clone App provides you with a worldwide platform and clients and customers from a global destination.

Salient Features of the Amazon Clone App

Salient Features of the Amazon Clone App
Salient Features of the Amazon Clone App

We at AT&T Software offer the best Amazon clone app development services so that you and your customers can utilize the app and enjoy its rich features.  provide the following features for our ready to launch Amazon clone app, such as

Advanced Navigation Bar: 

A website is incomplete without a navigation bar because it is the easiest way to get hold of the product or service that a consumer is looking for. Browsing through the categories to get your desired products is time taking & sometimes & even a Lot of people are unaware of it. So, a search bar is essential to let the customer feel comfortable.

Well Defined Homepage

A home page is the first thing a customer notices, so creating a compelling homepage that will greet your customer with positivity is one of the essential parts of homepage design. We emphasize creating an aesthetically pleasing website homepage with the latest multimedia inputs. 

By landing at the homepage, a customer will get to know about the latest offers, deals, discounts, or any ongoing campaigns. Furthermore, information about new arrivals, FAQs, and exhilarating videos is available.

In-App Chat Facility: 

These features make the process easier for your customers. Whenever a customer lands on your website, a pop-up will be available for in-app chat. On clicking that, they will be able to chat with a customer care representative to address any query. 

Most of the time, the artificial intelligence facility is available in the 24hr chat process to assist your customer. This way, a customer feels more connected and assured whenever they land on your website or App.

AR View

A lot of time, consumers feel slightly skeptical about purchasing a product online. Especially when they are searching for a retail product like fashion garments or shoes, the biggest concern they face is the lack of the trial facility that a physical store offers. 

Now you can offer them a virtual trial facility with the advanced AR view technique and get ready to shatter all the constraints that online retail may face. This facility also overcomes any misconceptions associated with online shopping. 

Advanced Shopping Cart

This feature lets your customer easily purchase the necessary goods. A shopping cart makes the process of checkout seamless and hassle-free. Your customer can add as many products as possible and go to check out. No need to stand in a queue for hours before checking out. 

Furthermore, the checkout feature stores and displays all the vital details like the total cart value, when the product will be delivered, if there is any shipping charge associated, and other vital details of each product like weight and quantity. This enables a customer to get all the details before making a payment. 

Wish List: 

Online marketplace like Amazon clone is like an ocean that can give you access to more than 10000+ products in various price ranges. So, while browsing through these product lists, your consumer might like several products they might purchase later. Wishlist features enable them to store these products safely in a particular location which they can access later. 

We provide the most advanced wish list feature, which will notify you of the status of a saved product from time to time. So, whether it is within the stick or not, if there are any changes in the displayed price or quantity, everything is notified to your customer through messages. This wishlist option is very useful as a customer can create a checklist point that can be accessed anytime.

On-time Tracking: 

One of the biggest hurdles consumers face is to wait for their products until they get delivered. Even the anxiety intensifies when the payment is already made. And that is why to ensure customer satisfaction, we offer real-time tracking, due to which a customer can track their package and get to see the development from time to time. 

Necessary details like dispatching time, delivery status, and delivery person contact details are all mentioned along with the tracking details. Moreover, the live location updates of their products make them assured and gain more trust.

Language Support

Amazon is a global platform, and customers across different time zones access it to get their desired product. Therefore, Amazon clone development should be done by keeping in mind the global consumers, and that is why we offer multilingual support by including the world’s major languages. This enables users across the globe to access your app more conveniently and feel personally attached to it.

Sharing on Social Media: 

The impact of social media is now very prominent in our daily life, and social media marketing is surging rapidly. We offer robust social media sharing options through which your customers can share their favorite products on their respective social handles. This will boost your social marketing strategies to a new level. 

Reviews & Ratings

Give your customer the freedom to express their experience in the review section. Here they can write about their experience, whether good or bad while purchasing hoods from your App. Rating options are also available, and a consumer can rate your service. 

Reviews & ratings give personalized feelings, and customers get more attached to your app. Moreover, a new customer will always go through the reviews to get to know the working principle of your app.

Multi payment option

Gone are those days when you can only pay through cash once after you receive the product.  Now an Amazon clone app is equipped with a multiple payment option facility. You can pay through a debit card or credit card, even though there is UPI at your check out. 

This will keep your delivery hassle-free as you don’t need to be present at the delivery location to hand over the cash, and this will also save your cash for future use. Furthermore, our Amazon Clone App provides a card-on-delivery option for purchase. Due to the rise of pandemics, many people are avoiding cash on delivery options yet are skeptical about paying before getting the product. 

For them, we have introduced the link or QR code scanner process. A consumer can scan the QR code and pay the merchant without touching it. The delivery agent will send a link on the registered mobile number by clicking it and redirecting them to the UPI payment option to generate pay.

Product Comparison & Filters

An Amazon clone app can store more than 100000 products under one roof. Your customer can find similar types of products from various vendors and thus can easily compare their price, quality, material, design, and delivery date. It saves the time to visit multiple stores to purchase a product. CZ can all be found under one roof. 

Moreover, an Amazon-like app will have various products from various categories. So, searching for the best products that suit your consumer requirements must be tough and time-consuming. That’s why we have introduced the robust filter option. Where your customer can filter their requirements to narrow the search options, you can filter the search based on color, size, price range, delivery date, etc.

Your Amazon Clone App is also beneficial for the vendors, and we have introduced a series of features so that more vendors can register themselves into your eCommerce platform.  Check them out.

Product details with customization

A vendor can give minute details of the listed products so that a customer can get all the necessary information. Apart from that, we offer them customization options where a vendor can add or customize certain details that the customer might feel interested in. 

Bulk Selling

Vendors can add a bulk number of products with a definite price amount for bulk Selling.

Store details: A vendor can give the details of their physical store, like Google location, operating hours, etc. So that a customer can go and pick up the product after ordering or visit the store for further business. 

White-label product selling

A vendor can use his brand name and logo while his products are uploaded. 

Besides providing these astonishing features to the user & vendors, our app is equipped with these specialized details which help the admin to work & manage seamlessly, such as 

  • Admins can access all the data provided by vendors and customers
  • They can approve the store listing request from the vendors after examining the credentials 
  • Can manage the products and remove that are no longer in the stock 
  • Can view and manage the feedback section and remove any spam review
  • Can track any orders made by the customers and can communicate with the delivery partners

Our Amazon Clone App will enrich you with the following benefits. 

Provide A Personalized Experience

Our Amazon Clone App is completely customizable and easy to launch.  You can customize these details as per your business requirements. 

Lightning Speed: 

We ensure the fastest loading time for the app on all kinds of devices. We always check for bugs in the coding system and fix it accordingly. Thus all our users get robust functionality. 

Advanced Bug support: 

This unique bug tracking feature of ours helps to detect   and remove bugs seamlessly 

Multiple Panels for Each user: 

We provide three distinct panels for consumers, admins & vendors for smooth functioning 

Multi App Platforms

Our App is functional on both Android & Apple and can be easily installed from the Google play store or Apple’s App Store.

Finest Analytics Tool: 

With our most advanced analytics tool, you can readily analyze all implied market strategy’s working principles and effects. In case of any customer acquisition, you can readily analyze it. Moreover, you will get to know customer behaviors, cart abandonment rates, etc.


Amazon Clone Development
Amazon Clone Development

If you are looking forward to starting your eCommerce platform, focus on Amazon Clone Development by a reputed app developer like us. We provide ready-to-launch app solutions that are highly scalable and completely customizable, along with various latest features. Contact us today to get a live demo.

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