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Complete List Of Features For An eBay Clone

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Complete List Of Features For An eBay Clone

Every online application or web platform of the time has to depend on the features that help bind the whole functionality of the business venture. Selecting a feature stack with all the valuable and engaging options for every user is one of the most integral parts of app development. eBay Clone is a popular on-demand eCommerce platform with innovative features that make it more interesting for users. 

eBay Clone Customer App Features

eBay Clone Customer App Features
eBay Clone Customer App Features

eBay Clone has multiple participants using the app as an on-demand eCommerce platform. In this case, there are at least four participants. They are the customer, the vendor, the agent, and the admin, respectively. We will start with the customer app and then explore the rest. 

Easy Log In

The first thing the customer of an eCommerce platform must do is register. The registration process is a simple one, including verifying users’ credentials. This is a one-time process, after which the user can log in using their i.d and passwords. 

Advanced Search

Once the user has successfully passed the registration process, they can use the platform’s services. The first thing that the customer can most certainly engage in is searching different products. The advanced search option will have voice search, filters, and other new-age features that the audiences of leading eCommerce platforms have appreciated. 

Push Notifications

An eBay Clone uses push notifications to communicate with participants of the platform. Push notifications sent to the customer are regarding the orders placed by customers or any unforeseen changes to the request. In addition, other offers, discounts, promotions, or anything about the app or web platform is also notified to the user often through push notifications. 

Real-Time Tracking

After the user has picked an item for purchasing, they can immediately place an order and wait for the request to get approved. Once the whole process is completed and the order has been accepted and processed, a delivery agent will be appointed to carry out the delivery. The user can track the progress of the delivery person in real-time using an in-build GPS tracker facility. 

Multiple Payment Options

Once the user has made a purchase, they must pay for it using one of the payment methods integrated into the platform. Multiple payment options are included for every user to find their niche and continue with a hassle-free eCommerce experience. 

Ratings & Reviews

The eBay Clone also lets its user rate the services they have received and review the products bought by them. These ratings and reviews are crucial for users to give their feedback. Other users also consider these ratings and reviews while purchasing an item from the seller. 


Customers can refer the app to their friends and families by inviting them to the app. These referrals are often tied with special offers that users can redeem when their invites are pursued by their friends and families. 

eBay Clone Vendor App Features

eBay Clone Vendor App Features
eBay Clone Vendor App Features

An eCommerce application hosts vendors and sellers of different items and services. The users of the platform buy these products and services. They are, in a way, the supplier of the app or web platform. Hence, the features included in the vendor’s app are significant to the functionality and purpose of the vendor.

Intuitive Dashboard

The vendor’s panel on an eBay Clone will have an intuitive dashboard. This dashboard is a one-stop destination for the vendor to access most of the features presented on the panel. The dashboard features instant updates, business reports, and other important stats. The order requests offer, and other relevant things can also be managed using the vendor dashboard. 

Order Management

The orders placed by users are directly notified to the vendor. After receiving the order request, the vendor has the duty of accepting or rejecting the request for whatever reason. The order list will contain all the orders with their status. 

Agent / Driver Management

Once the product gets packed and shipped for delivery, the vendor is directly notified of the updates. In addition, the vendor can contact the agent and track their progress when they are delivering any product. In the same way, the customer can use the GPS tracker feature; the vendor can also track the driver’s progress in real-time. 


When the customer pays for a product, the amount gets credited from the customer’s account and debited to the vendor’s account after deducing the commission of agents and other taxes. These payment records are stored on the server of the eBay Clone, and the vendor can check the record whenever they want. The record will contain successful payments, pending ones, and cancelled ones. 

Business Reports

Apart from the admin dashboard having all the stats and analysis, the vendor’s app will also have a separate section for the vendor to keep a tab on the progress of their business. These business reports are important for the vendor to know how their business is performing and what they can improve to make their products and services even more appealing to the audience. 

eBay Clone Admin Panel Features

eBay Clone Admin Panel Features
eBay Clone Admin Panel Features

The admin of an eBay Clone or any other app or web portal of the time, for that matter, is appointed sole to look after the progress and functionality of the platform. They are responsible for managing other users, the orders, offers, and payments; in short, almost everything on the app platform. The admin panel features are placed with the same strategical precision. 

Powerful Admin Dashboard

The admin dashboard is quite similar to the vendor dashboard. It contains most functions and can also be customized as per the requirement of the admin. Most attributes of the admin panel can be found on the dashboard. It also displays different stats and business reports, with which the admin can perform his duty to the platform. 

Bulk Ordering

Often a customer on an eBay Clone will place a bulk order. The admin processes these bulk orders. Initially, the order request is sent to both the wholesaler and the admin. Then, if the wholesaler approves the order, the admin has to manage the rest. 

Stock Management

An eCommerce platform may not have its stock for products. Instead, they connect with vendors and allow their stocks to fill up the app or web inventory. The admin manages the whole system and is responsible for managing the stocks. For example, they can mark a product as unavailable if the vendor notifies them of running out of stock. Similarly, they will also notify when the product is back in stock. 

Customer Management

The admin of the eBay Clone is also responsible for managing every customer that has taken an active part in purchasing an item or product from the platform. The admin also conducts the initial verfication process and allows customers to be a part of the community.  They can also remove or ban customers if they fail to go by the core rules and regulations of the platform. 

Product Management

Similarly, the admin manages the products listed by different vendors and wholesalers. Before listing a product, the listing request gets verified by the admin. Once the admin approves, the product is immediately made available on the platform. Admins can also remove or restrict a product if they have a reason. 


An eCommerce platform like the eBay Clone severely depends on offers, coupons, and discounts, to attract customers to buy things. So the admin sends these coupons and offers to specific users or based on some occasion or to prompt action. 


The platform has few ways of earning money for itself. Advertising is one such way. The app allows third-party applications or web portals to buy advertisement space. They can post ads and promotions on the platform, which will be displayed for a certain time. 

Multi-Language Integration

The eBay Clone also needs to have a multi-lingual support panel. As an eCommerce platform naturally has a diverse universe, multiple languages are important to establish personal communication. 

eBay Clone Agent / Driver Panel Features

Lastly, the driver or agent of the eBay Clone is responsible for delivering the packages to the right delivery address. Therefore, the driver panel features are in tune with the functionality of the agent. 

Driver Onboarding

The driver has to verify to join the delivery fleet. There is some documentation required. Once the driver passes through all this successfully, they will be able to serve the platform. 

Delivery Alerts & Details

The nearest driver is immediately notified whenever a package is ready for delivery. First, they will alter the details of the delivery. Then, the driver will decide whether to accept the request.

Share Availability

The driver of the eBay Clone will have an option to let vendors know if they are available to take up an order. This helps the vendor easily find the available drivers for conducting a delivery. 

Optimized Routes

The GPS tracker installed within the driver app allows route optimization. In addition, the driver can access navigation features if they have trouble finding the delivery address on their own. 

Daily Earnings

The driver can track their daily earnings on the platform. In addition, the driver receives a certain commission on every successful delivery. 


eBay Clone
eBay Clone

Every feature on the eBay Clone feature stack is decided and hand-picked by the app or web developer, who has clear insight into the app ideation and business realization. Another reason for being cautious while choosing the features is the budget factor. There is a cost to every feature, and not all have to be included. Only a handful can have a significant impact if strategically chosen and placed.

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