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Online Taxi Booking App Development

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Online Taxi Booking App Development

Taxi business is trending and is expected to flourish in the future as people love to get picked up or dropped by a cab at their doorstep. 

Are you a new or established name in the taxi business? Do you find it tough and time-consuming to maintain a record of all drivers and calculate wages? 

Hire online taxi booking app developer from us to get rid of these hassles!

AT&T Software offers an all-inclusive taxi booking app development service at an affordable price with no compromise on quality. Our experts know how to everything from taxi booking to payment and report generation. 

A robust and enriching mobile app helps you to impress maximum customers and take your business to the next level exactly the way Uber did it!

When you hire our dedicated developers, you get a mobile app consisting of rich features and an admin panel to ease tasks for both you and your customers.

Why Hire Online Taxi Booking Mobile App Developer?

Taxi Booking Mobile App Developer
User-Friendly Solutions, Flexibility

AT&T Software offers an all-inclusive online taxi booking mobile app development service suited to your business needs. Our skilled development team is always available at your service regardless of the project complications. 

Here are the reasons to hire our online taxi booking app developer:

User-Friendly Solutions

To make money in online taxi booking services, you need to build an engaging app that customers can use easily. We make sure that users can mention the locations where they would avail of the service and enjoy accessing the mobile app altogether.

Timely Delivery

To achieve quick success, you need to build and launch a mobile app soon. With years of experience in the mobile app development industry, we can add rich features and deliver output quickly. This helps you to enter the market faster and earn maximum profits shortly. 

Play Store Launch

online taxi booking app development is not enough. It would help if you launched it on the play store so your customers can access it. When you hire our dedicated developers, we do everything from creativity to app launch on play stores. Once we launch your app in the stores, people can easily access it, extending your customer outreach.


When you work with us, you do not need to get into fixed and long-term agreements. Hire our online taxi booking app developer temporarily(daily, weekly or monthly basis) to complete your project on time. We provide but not choose resources to fulfill your needs. You build your development team and scale it up/down later as per the changing requirements.


We offer an all-inclusive online taxi booking app development service at an affordable price without compromising on quality. Besides development, we also provide thorough maintenance and support without charging extra. Hiring our team to build your app can always be a cost-effective yet profitable decision.

Online Taxi Booking App Development – What We Can Do For You?

We Can Do For You
Advance Booking, Multiple Stops

AT&T Software has got a skilled and dedicated mobile app development team that can build an outstanding taxi booking app suited to your needs and preferences. As we have years of experience in this industry, our developers add great features to give an edge to your app.

Here are the features we can include in the online taxi booking app:

Advance Booking

This feature in your app allows users to book a taxi in advance easily. So, they do not need to rush or feel tensed about anything at the nth hour. ‘Advance booking’ feature helps the most when they need to catch a flight in the early morning and reach the airport on time. 

Multiple Stops

Sometimes, several passengers get inside the car together and get dropped off at different locations on the way. A rider may also have certain work at various points. The ‘multiple stops’ feature helps you to stop at numerous locations without any hassle. 

Destination Saving

Nowadays, several people take cabs rather than driving to the workplace daily. To help such people, we include a feature to your taxi booking app that allows them to save destination,, and thus, they do not need to add the same address repeatedly. Thus, they save an ample amount of time and effort. 

Special Requests

Your riders may require a baby seat or excessive luggage. In such a situation, they can request these special features and ask for more efficient drivers to increase safety. When you add this advanced feature to your app, you can offer what the riders want without compromising on the customer service quality. 

Fare Calculator 

The integrated fare calculator displays the approximate cost for the journey as soon as customers choose ‘vehicle type’ from the list and enter a destination. Thus, they can set the budget easily and they will not be charged extra for cab booking via the mobile app built by our ace developer.

GPS Tracking

‘GPS tracking’ feature in your mobile app shows riders the approximate time of taxi arrival after they book a ride. This system also tracks the location of drivers every second. When customers book a ride, they immediately get details such as vehicle number, driver details, and phone number. 

Online Taxi Booking App Development Process

Taxi Booking App Development Process
Research, Designing, Testing

To deliver the desired online taxi booking app development solution to customers, we follow a well-structured process so everything goes well and you get gull satisfaction through our service.

Take a look at the steps involved in the development process:

Receiving Information

Share your online taxi booking app development ideas and goals with us. Tell us in detail what you want to add to your app and how you wish to solve customer issues. Your input helps our experts to understand what exactly you want in your mobile and then proceed accordingly. 


Once we understand your needs and preferences, we perform thorough research on your potential customers and industry to assess your competitors’ performance. We finalize the buyer journey using the findings and build a wireframe of all screens. 


We send a wireframe to you, receive feedback on it and select a color palette along with typography that highlights your brand and its culture. Considering these factors, we build a theme and ask your opinions. Once you approve, we work on the entire design of your app. 


After we modify the theme and finalize the design, we initiate the app development process. Our taxi app development experts make sure that your mobile app functions smoothly and offer your users a fabulous experience. We customize your app by adding all required features and elements. 


Development is not the end! We test the mobile app to make sure it does not have any issues or bugs in the user flow. Comprehensive testing helps you to launch your app successfully to the app stores. When our quality assurance analysts detect any bug, they fix it immediately to deliver an error-free solution. 


After we are done with designing and developing your online taxi app, we deploy and launch it to the App Stores (Apple’s App Store and Google Play Store). Once your riders and drivers download the app on their smartphones, they start using it. 

Hire Our online taxi booking Mobile App Developer to Meet Your Demand

taxi booking Mobile App Developer
service at an affordable price

Are you looking for an all-inclusive online taxi booking mobile app development service at an affordable price? Hire a online taxi booking mobile app developer from us with no second thought! 

With years of experience in the online taxi booking mobile app development industry, we have become acquainted with a lot of advanced technologies and skills that help us to build outstanding mobile app solutions exclusively for your business!

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