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Why Should You Invest In PledgeBox Clone App Development

WebRock Media offers high-quality on-demand PledgeBox clone app development services at the best possible rate in the industry.

Conquer the crowdfunding space with our PledgeBox clone app solution. In today’s world of digitalization, everything seems quite possible. Setting up a business is no more a far-fetched dream now. 

People who cannot have the capacity to invest money in the industry can also support the requisite amount of money with the help of crowdfunding. This crowdfunding process helps entrepreneurs and business people gather the required amount of money for the business and function in the industry accordingly towards sustainability. Our crowdfunding app development solutions can help you a great deal in raising funds for various reasons. 

Establish superior campaign management with an excellent range of tools. All encompass into a singular solution – for example, the PledgeBox clone app. You may now launch a crowdfunding campaign survey and upsell software powerfully dominates the online web application with ease and comfort. 

In addition, various specialized in far-reaching campaigns through friends and family with the help of WhatsApp, Facebook, posters, etc., are also significant ways to create awareness among the people.

It is a vast crowdfunding app solution. The ability to channel crowdfunding isn’t an easy thing to do. Our PledgeBox clone app is at your disposal. It is a holistic crowdfunding Kickstarter and Indiegogo and ensures a seamless flow.

Benefits Of The PledgeBox Clone Application

Benefits Of The PledgeBox Clone Application
Why Should You Invest In PledgeBox Clone App Development 3

Low transaction fee

This particular PledgeBox clone app charges fewer than other major cryptocurrency trading platforms available on the internet nowadays:

Handling Of Multiple Campaigns

This PledgeBox clone app offers its users multiple facilities. It has so much potential that it caters to its users to handle multiple campaigns simultaneously so that the users can attend multiple campaigns without any sheer discrepancies. Also, to increase the maximum amount of productivity to the campaigners. 

Lateral Products

Stimulate the maximum adulation among the backers’ community, with the maximum entitlement to get the products and rewards. Our PledgeBox clone app offers a great UI/UX to keep all users happy with the app. 

Elaborate Surveys

PledgeBox clone app is more advanced with its well-equipped technologies and various other useful technological facilities. Moreover, it enables its users to share long and detailed shares, which is quite different and unusual from the common ones. 

Seamless Upselling

The PledgeBox clone app creators can easily supersize their original campaigns multiple times by selling the add-on features. With this process, the creators can extract the maximum revenue. 

What Do We Offer With The Pledge Box Clone For The Crowdfunding Campaign Management?

What Do We Offer With The Pledge Box Clone For The Crowdfunding Campaign Management
We Offer With The Pledge Box Clone For The Crowdfunding Campaign Management

We can expedite the campaigning process with proper planning, product management, and shipping to enjoy a seamless experience;

Various Surveys

Detailed surveys and campaigns help in initiating a smooth and seamless process. All the essential pre-requisites and surveys are curated in the crowdfunding platform. Thus, it helps in increasing the revenue shares of the company. Furthermore, the PledgeBox clone app allows tracking off all events and comprehensive details and add-on purchases. Hence, you can create, track and then export them as per your wish. 

Locking Preceding Shipping

It generates a complete list of the important, all the recent shipping addresses of the backers without any hassle or difficulty. Moreover, this entire process is automated. Perhaps, this is the most unique and overwhelming aspect of the PledgeBox clone app. The backers are systematically updated with the complete list by eliminating the probability of misplaced deliveries. 

Shipping Status

It is also a unique feature of the PledgeBox clone app. You can easily bump off the chances of the packers with all the missing deliveries and deadlines by dispatching the shipping of all the essential tracking details to the backers. This process can only be possible by sending individual emails to the respective persons that contain all the tracking files which the creator uploads at the pledge box clone. There is no chance of arising any misappropriation and fallacies.

How Does The Pledge Box Clone Work?

How Does The Pledge Box Clone Work
The Pledge Box Clone Work

Connect With The Campaign

Making campaigns and then sharing them with friends and family through WhatsApp, Facebook, posters, etc., is one of the most significant ways to let people know about it and create a proper awareness. Furthermore, you can easily link your PledgeBox clone with your account and campaign on any crowdfunding platform. In addition, it helps to integrate super-specialized management tools and applications. 

Specify Products And Rewards

There will be a complete description of the product along with its functionality in the PledgeBox clone app. In addition, various customary perks and rewards for the backers are also available.

Send A Survey To Backers

Making various surveys and campaigns is important, and when you have the PledgeBox clone app, your job becomes really easy. You can also track the process of the survey results with so much ease and comfort. Survey results of the movements are incredibly beneficial to maintaining a smooth and seamless process and eventually help the users to get a widespread response around the globe. 

Shipping Address Update 

Backers can easily update their shipping addresses well before locking the survey in this category. Naturally, therefore, they are altogether cumulated comprehensively. 

Add-ons Purchase

Backers can easily purchase the add-ons present in the form of an elevated price in the range of different payment options available in the list. In addition, the purchase of the add-ons helps increase greater accessibility with the proper functioning of the entire process. 

Upload Shipping Report 

All the critical reports and the tracking information are sent to the shipping providers; then, they are mailed to the backers.

Exclusive Features Of The Pledge Box Clone Application

Exclusive Features Of The Pledge Box Clone Application
Exclusive Features Of The Pledge Box Clone Application

Ultra-Responsive Layout

PledgeBox clone app is devised with the latest innovative technology and improved tools. As a result, there is no chance of any flickers and interruptions throughout it. This application is built with the latest well-improved technologies to sustain superior performance. Thus, it helps the pledge box clone application stand out as one of the newest crowdfunding applications.

Projects Manager

It is not very difficult to work with multiple projects super-specialized in this application. So the campaigners can work simultaneously with the various projects and documents without any hassles, which doesn’t hamper their work balance. Thus, it is an exciting and note-worthy feature of the PledgeBox clone app. 

Create Surveys

All the personalized kinds of stuff present in the post-campaign survey are evenly distributed among the backers’ community with the help of the creators. 

Email Template

All the basic email templates in the PledgeBox clone app are handy. In addition, creators can boost and upsell the rate by extending out to the backers in an array of predefined email templates. 

Automated Shipping List

Creators can easily avoid misplaced deliveries as it is proffered with a list of the backers and all the delivery details before the locking. 

Track Progress

A list of complete details is available in the track progress section of the PledgeBox clone app. Here, the creators can track down all the critical real-time updates and extremely beneficial statuses. Furthermore, they check the quality of the various vital surveys conducted by the campaigners. Finally, the final result of campaigns can also be seen through this section effortlessly. 

Push Notification

All the necessary updates and details are available in the push notification option of the PledgeBox clone app. In addition, backers can consistently update all the essential information about the offers, products, add-ons, etc., through the text messages, emails, and in-app push notification option. Users can get in touch with all the latest information using this section without browsing more.


PledgeBox clone app
PledgeBox clone app

PledgeBox clone app is now one of the leading crowdfunding applications. It offers its users, campaigners, and investors a wide range of benefits. This application is customized highly. Keeping in mind, it fulfills the demands of its worldwide users. Various transaction processes were incorporated into the application to ensure a smooth and seamless transaction process. A potent admin team is available here to give their assistance for 24hrs effortlessly. 

Contact us today to discuss your PledgeBox clone app development project!

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